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Sand to Sea Non-Sporting Assoc.

Premium List

  • Club Information & Officers
  • List of Judges
  • Judges' Assignments
  • Trophies & Awards

  • Club Information & Officers
    Close of entries: Noon Wednesday, December 17, 2014 PST

    First Entry of a dog at this show* $30.00
    Additional entry $20.00
    Sweepstakes (All Breeds on Thursday) $10.00
    Puppy Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweepstakes (Friday-Boston Terriers) $10.00
    For Sweepstakes entries, put the word "Sweeps" in the Additional Class box.

    List of Judges

    Mr. Richard Bohannon46 Sayles Lyda Rd
    Fairview, NC 28730
    Mr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro3201 Belle Cote Dr.
    Burtonsville, MD 20866
    Mr. Bart A. Miller5802 Bob Bullock Loop Ste 328C-8
    Laredo, TX 78041
    No No Classes
    Ms. Jan C. Sigler9530 Windsor Street
    Overland Park, KS 66206

    Judges' Assignments

    Mr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro
    American EskimosMr. Bart A. Miller
    Bichons FrisesMr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro
    Boston TerriersMs. Jan C. Sigler
    Open Dogs, under 15 lbs.;15 lbs. and over. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Boston Terriers SwpMr. Richard Bohannon
    Boston Terriers Vet SwpMr. Richard Bohannon
    BulldogsMs. Jan C. Sigler
    Chinese Shar-PeiNo No Classes
    Open Dogs, Brushcoat; Horsecoat. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Chow ChowsMs. Jan C. Sigler
    Open Dogs, Black; Red; Any Other Color. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Coton de TulearMr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro
    DalmatiansMr. Bart A. Miller
    Open Dogs, Black Spotted; Liver-Spotted. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Finnish SpitzMr. Bart A. Miller
    French BulldogsMr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro
    KeeshondenMs. Jan C. Sigler
    Lhasa ApsosMr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro
    LowchenMr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro
    Norwegian LundehundsMr. Bart A. Miller
    Poodles (Miniature)No No Classes
    Poodles (Standard)No No Classes
    SchipperkesMr. Bart A. Miller
    Shiba-InuMs. Jan C. Sigler
    Tibetan SpanielsMr. Bart A. Miller
    Tibetan TerriersMr. Bart A. Miller
    XoloitzcuintliMr. Bart A. Miller
    Mr. Bart A. Miller
    American Hairless TerriersMr. Bart A. Miller

    Trophies & Awards
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