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#2 Belg Terv Club of So Calif

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  • List of Judges
  • Judges' Assignments
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    Club Information & Officers

    All entries with fees must be in the office of the Superintendent not later than NOON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2017 PT After which time no entries may be accepted, cancelled, changed, substituted, corrected, completed, or signed and no entry fees refunded. Any change or cancellation must be made in writing and received prior to closing, except as provided for in Chapter 11, Section 6 of the American Kennel Club Dog Show Rules. Fax entries that are received incomplete or unable to read will not be accepted. The proof of transmission is not proof for verifying faxed entries. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE CLOSE OF ENTRY DAY TO FAX OR E-MAIL YOUR ENTRIES. IF YOU FAX OR E-MAIL ON A CLOSE OF ENTRY DAY, PLEASE SUBMIT PRIOR TO 9:00 AM. ENTRY FEES FOR EACH SHOW First Entry of a dog $30.00 Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweepstakes $20.00 Each additional class for the same dog $20.00

    List of Judges

    Mrs. Janice M Leonard1749 S. Dallas St
    Denver, CO 80247


    Judges' Assignments

    Belgian TervurenMrs. Janice M Leonard
    Mrs. Janice M Leonard
    Novice Intermediate ClassMrs. Janice M Leonard
    Novice Junior ClassMrs. Janice M Leonard
    Novice Senior ClassMrs. Janice M Leonard
    Open Intermediate ClassMrs. Janice M Leonard
    Open Junior ClassMrs. Janice M Leonard
    Open Senior ClassMrs. Janice M Leonard
    The Master ClassMrs. Janice M Leonard

    Trophies & Awards

  • Premium List in PDF

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