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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


CHINESE CRESTEDJudge: Mrs. Janice G. Pardue
CHINESE CRESTED Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 SOL'TANO ICE CUBE , BCU2880043 6/14/2019. Breeder: Natasha Darashkevich. By Kranar Le Petit Prince -- Sol'Tanto Dea Dell-Amore. Shannon Barnes and Alexia Robles . Dog.

9 THE LION LADY'S IN THE BEGINNING , TS43004801 5/18/2019. Breeder: Sharon Lyon. By CH Whispering Lane Cinderella Man -- GCH The Lion Lady's Serengeti Sunrise. Sharon Lyon . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

11 SOLINO'S TAKE ME OUT , TERCC55311 GR 3/26/2019. Breeder: Iris Schultz. By Cavhill Confuscius Say -- Solinos Ecstasy. Iris Schultz c/o D. Jackson . Dog. Tammy Seidlitz, Agent.

15 SHAW'S MISTER MAESTRO AT MOONCREST , TS42114304 3/8/2019. Breeder: Peg Shaw and James Shaw. By CH Sunlit Shaw's Hey Baby -- Shaw'a Image Of Elegance. Debbie Legrand . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Amature Owner-Handler Dogs.

17 FIRECREST A GIRLS BEST FRIEND , FQ777139 CN 9/15/2018. Breeder: Lesley and Clayton Thomas. By My Angel-Cristall Blue By U At Firecrest -- Dakota Rose Mambo Italiano. Lesley and Clayton Thomas . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

21 LES-LEE'S N'PENTASTAR'S WE WILL ROCK YOU , TS43493601 3/22/2019. Breeder: Leslie a Gould and Ranchel Morris. and Cathy Spears By GCH Les-Lee's Jacket Required -- CH Pentastar's N Les-Lee's Miss Behavin. Leslie A Gould and Rachel D Morris . Dog.
23 NV'S PULL THE STARS FROM THE SKY , TS44229307 7/1/2019. Breeder: Whitney Stacey and Lauri Sicurell. By CH Sassytail's I Go Commando -- CH Krescendo's China Moon. Whitney A Stacey . Dog.

25 TAMOSHIRE BORN IN THE USA , TS28562801 9/11/2015. Breeder: Owners. By CH Tamoshire Jackpot -- CH Tamoshire Glinda the Good. Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner and James H. Gardner . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Open Hairless Dogs.

29 DEJA VU HIRE THE DREAM , TS38758701 3/14/2018. Breeder: Karla Matlock & Ray & Joann. Kusamoto By CH Just A Dream Von Shimbacki -- GCHS Deja Vu Fat Chicks Revenge. Karla Matlock and Ray & Joann Kusamoto . Dog. Cathy Spearo, Agent.

31 MARVELS CRESTED LC BENTLEY , TS30949204 7/10/2016. Breeder: Raymond & Sharon Stevens & Olivia. Hodgkinson Conor By GCHG Crested LC Jionni -- CH Sharbelle Fancy Fiona. Miriam Loredo Guzzino . Dog. Olivia Hodgkinson, Agent.

61 ZHEN'S I'LL HOLD YOU IN ROVENS HEAR , TS35987301 9/22/2017. Breeder: Carol ClouseT. By GCH Stars At Sea Putting The Pices Together -- Zhens Shady Lady. Nina Munoz . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Open Powderpuff Dogs.

33 POAROTT I PHONE X , TS40481502 2/23/2018. Breeder: M Majdlenova & K. Gallina. By CH Poarott Rasputtin -- Mongoshi Jeanette. Tammy and Luke Seidlitz . Dog.
35 BLANCH-O'S A NEW BEGINNING AT FROZEN STAR , TS37994302 2/2/2018. Breeder: Debbie Mullushy Caponetto, John. Caponetto & M Lucas By Blanch-O's Sharpshooter -- Blach-O's Simply Irresistible. Drs Steve & Steve Pusztay & Jacqueline Pusztay . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 DEBAHTRI-SPIRITUAL SASSY GIRL AT KRISHNA , TS42573102 6/6/2019. Breeder: Deb Carter-Hudspeth & Kikn Bah. By CH Serenity's Kickin'B -- Krishna's Tinker Toy. Gloria Kerr and Deb Carter-Hudspeth . Bitch. Karen Fischer-Smith, Agent.

8 SOL'TANTO INFINITY WAY , BCU2880043 6/14/2019. Breeder: Natasha Doroshkevich. By Kranar Le petite Prince -- Sol'Tanto Dea Deli'Amore. Carla and Ellen Danforth . Bitch.
10 THE LION LADY'S SERENGETI JUNGLE JANE , TS43004802 5/18/2019. Breeder: Sharon Lyon. By CH Whispering Lane Cinderella Man -- GCH The Lion Lady's Serengeti Sunrise. Sharon Lyon . Bitch.
CHINESE CRESTED Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

12 MUSO GRAZIANO JE TAIME , TS43608401 2/23/2019. Breeder: Olga Shalakhina. By Ulls Jan Miracolo Dell'Anima -- Rufina My FluffyHappiness Muso Grazioso. Alisha Epps . Bitch. Lesli Smith, Agent.
CHINESE CRESTED 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

14 MATYLDA KOLEKCJA SZUWARKA , PKRIX82680 7/20/2018. Breeder: Agnieszka Staniszewska. By Crest'd Label Back in Black -- Nataniel de Flor. Karen Marshall . Bitch.
16 ETNO SPIRIT HIPPIE ATTITUDE , RFK5396142 RS 10/14/2018. Breeder: Vinogra Dova Yulia. By Etno Spirit Just Lucky -- Hrustalnaya Mechta Iz Letnego Sada. Dana Jackson and Chris Krowchuk . Bitch. Tammy Seidlitz, Agent.
CHINESE CRESTED Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

19 PENTASTAR'S N LES-LEE'S DIZZY MIS LIZZY , TS34393602 3/22/2019. Breeder: Rachel Morris, Leslie Gould. and Cathy Spears By GCH Les-Lee's No Jacket Required -- CH Pentastar's N Les-Lee's Miss Behavin. Rachel Morris and Cathy Spears and Leslie Gould . Bitch.
CHINESE CRESTED Open Powderpuff Bitches.

22 INCATODELMONDO FAIRY TROPHY , TS40508601 1/3/2017. Breeder: Elena Koryugina. By Legends Men In Black -- IncantoDelMondo Coco Chanel. Elena Koryugina Olginskaya 43. Bitch.

24 WIND'S G I JANE , TS41983302 11/24/2018. Breeder: Peggy May and Donna McLeod. By GCH Wind's Da Vinci Code -- Etheral's The Cat's Meow. Peggy May . Bitch.

26 WHISPERING LANE PATTI WAGGIN , TS40089904 7/11/2018. Breeder: Mark Baldwin. and Carol J Baldwin By CH Whispering Lane Rat Rod -- Whispering Lane Burlesque. Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner and James H. Gardner . Bitch.
CHINESE CRESTED Best-of-Breed/Variety
28 MYANGEL CRISTALL SHANTE YOU STAY , TS40499301 5/5/2018. Breeder: Nicenzo Zurlo and Sandra Francis. and Eduardo Baute By CH Kaylen's Aces and Kings -- CH Stillmeadow Cristall I'm No Cupcake!. Gina M Rector and Kelli Sword . Bitch.
30CH GRACIEUX FLYING FREE , TS34380702 4/13/2017. Breeder: Michele Portaluppi. By GCH Charisma's Independence Day -- Graciuex Bluffin' Why My Muffin. Shannon Barnes & Alexia Robles & Michele Portaluppi. Bitch.
34GCHB REIMARS PRETTY WOMEN DEJAVU , TS29999601 3/31/2016. Breeder: Sharon and R. Robert Jacobsen. and K. Matlock, A. Freeman By CH DeJaVu One Hot Habanero RE OA OAJ Of CGC -- GCH DeJaVu Crazy X Girlfriend. Sharon and J. Robert Jacobsen . Bitch.
36GCHB SHIDA WONDER WOMAN , TS35052902 4/17/2017. Breeder: Jennifer Young-Johnson. By CH P-Chi Im A Chick Mah=gnet For Shida -- GCH Sun-Hee's Be Provocative. Jennifer Young-Johnson . Bitch. Candra Loutzenhiser Vincent, Agent.
38CH WIND'S SOMTNING ABOUT MARY , TS41983304 11/24/2018. Breeder: Peggy May 7 Donna McLeod. By GCH Wind's Da Vinci Code -- Ethereal's The Cat's Meow. Steve Kelly and Peggy May and Donna McLeod. Bitch.
40 TAMOSHIRE MISS KITTY , TS36697602 9/19/2017. Breeder: Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner & James. H Gardner By CH Tamoshire Lonely At The Top -- CH Whispering Lane Shake Rattle And Roll. Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner and James H. Gardner . Bitch.
41 COVITER HUNKASPUNK , TS43029201 8/2/2017. Breeder: Michael Dwyer & Crystal Clowes. By Xioma Smoke Across The Moon -- Chinois Oolahiah. Mercedes Vila . Dog.

43 SHOWSTYLE'S DRAGON I DON'T DO THAT TONGUE THANG , TS39874102 5/13/2018. Breeder: Tammy Seidlitz and Trevor Lewis. and Sammie Lewis & Luke S By GCH Kamakazi's Tokyo Rock Star -- GCH Raffica Diamonds In The Sky. Sammie Lewis and Trevor Lewis . Dog.

45 DASHA BARE NECESSITYS , TS40884102 9/7/2018. Breeder: Brandi Ritchie. By GCH Dasha Shaken ON Like Donkey Kong -- Graffi's Winter Is Coming. Laren House and Brandi Ritchie . Dog.
47GCH CRESTLINE RAPHAEL CA , TS21796601 5/29/2014. Breeder: Mercedes Vila. By GCH Crestline Butters Scotch -- GCH Wizbang's Hit the Road Jack. Mercedes Vila . Dog.

49CH INCANTODELMONDO U-TURN EVOLUTION , TS43797701 8/24/2018. Breeder: Elena Koryugina. By CH Zen's Cirque du Soleil -- Incantodelmondo Snowflake on Your Hand. Elena Koryugina Olginskaya 43. Dog.
53 ETHEREAL SHOW ME THE MONEY , TS40687102 8/26/2018. Breeder: Kerri Inovina. By GCH Estillinis Black Panther -- GCH Lunatta Accera. Cindy Jones and Kerri Indovina . Dog.
55GCHG KULANA'S STAND BY ME , TS27317803 8/13/2015. Breeder: Darlene Anderson. and Debbie LeGrand By GCH Kulana's Revolution CA -- CH Kulana's Backstage Pass For Mooncrest. Darlene Anderson . Dog.

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