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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


CHINESE SHAR-PEIJudge: Mrs. Joan E. Luna Liebes
CHINESE SHAR-PEI Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 JUST DO IT FROM THE CHINESE WALL , NP56574501 4/17/2019. Breeder: Claudia Henslus. By Mac In Touch Des Ming Way (Rood) -- Baby I Love You From The Chinese Wall (Rood). Christopher Enzi and Paulo Raffaell . Dog.
CHINESE SHAR-PEI 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

7 NIKITTA'S BESITTO , NP53763102 12/4/2018. Breeder: Angela LeBlanc. By Prunehill's King Of Rock 'N Roll -- Prunehill's Seize Nikitta. Karl & Dolores Rappl and Angela LEBlanc . Dog.
9 MIKOBI'S MY ONE AND OWENLY , NP52288604 11/12/2018. Breeder: Ms. Roberta Libman. By CH Mikobi's It's Jungle Out There -- CH Fairytails & Tighe's What A Gem @ Mikobi. Nathaniel Cornejo . Dog.
CHINESE SHAR-PEI Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

11 TUJS CITY SLICKER @ BREKKUKOTS , NP53310401 1/5/2019. Breeder: Judy Dorough. By GCH Xu-Fei's One Horse Town Brekkukots -- GCH Broken Rd's American By Birth Rebel By Choice. Judy Dorough and Susanna Bjornsson . Dog.
15 BREKKUKOTAS HERE COMES THE SON , NP55354003 7/3/2019. Breeder: Jeff Mauk and Simone Demirijian. and Susanna Bjornsson By CH Brekkukots Mylo Xyloto -- GCHS Brekkukots Allies With Underdog CGC. Susanna Bjornsson . Dog.

19 FAIRYTAILS RRK WILLY WONKA , NP49348601 8/3/2017. Breeder: Melissa & Julian Castillo. & Vera Loomis Randall By GCH Fairytails Ruff-Cut Silver Streak -- CH RRk's Fairytails Mello Yellow Pussycat. Michael Steinhardt . Dog.
CHINESE SHAR-PEI Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 BREKKUKOTS ON SUNSET BOUILEVARD WITH SKYPATH , NP54049302 2/23/2019. Breeder: Susananna Bjornsson & Ann Cookson. and Simone D Beazly By GCHB Xu-Fei's Hollywood Nights -- CH Brekkukots As Luck Would Have IT. Steve Best . Bitch.
CHINESE SHAR-PEI 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.
8 BLACKWITCH ASIA'S BAD AT LOVE AT TEQUILA , NP52159102 8/11/2018. Breeder: Denise Beagle. By CH Asias You And Tequila -- GCHS Blackwitch In It To Win It. Mike Ritter . Bitch.

20 RICKETTS HANDMAID'S TAIL FOR MARGEM , NP51590402 7/7/2018. Breeder: Josie Baker-Ricketts. By GCHS Dragon Tale's Edward Scissor Hands -- CH Drunk In Love From The Chinese Wall. Dee Dee Wells . Bitch. Tiffany Skinner, Agent.
CHINESE SHAR-PEI Best-of-Breed/Variety
12 LEGAXY MAJESTY STRAIGHT TEQUILA NIGHT AT ASIA , NP54094303 3/7/2019. Breeder: Alejandro Gonzalez. and Elizabeth Brown By CH Asias You and Tequila -- GCHB Blackwitch Call Nine Onn One @ Legaxy. Elizabeth Brown Alejandro Gonzalez and Lisa Myers. Bitch.
22GCHB FAIRYTAILS RRK ME AND MY SHADOW , NP42246603 12/28/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Fairytails Ruff-Cut Silver Streak -- CH RRK's Fairytails Mellow Yellow Pussycat. Melissa Castillo and Verla Loomis Randall & Julian Castillo & Bruce Randall. Bitch.
24CH SUNNYSIDE'S VELMA VELOUR UP , NP43622504 6/23/2016. Breeder: Elizabeth Montgomery. By GCH Cu-Fei's One Horse Town Breakkukots -- GCH Tzo-Wen's California Poppy Sunnyside Up. Christopher Enzi and Paulo Raffaelli & Elizabeth Montgomery. Bitch.
25CH BREKKUKOTS BALLROOM BLITZEN WITH UNDERDOG , NP54049301 2/23/2019. Breeder: Susanna Bjornsson and Ann Cookson. and Simone Demirjian By GCH Xu-fei's Hollywood Nights -- CH Brekkukots As Luck Would Have It. Ann Demirjian . Dog.
26CH LAVA'S BEEN BEWITCHED , NP52606902 10/31/2018. Breeder: Lynn Olds & John Kunipo. and Lafayette McGowan By GCH Fairy Tails Ruff-Cut Silver Streak -- CH Lava's Pei'd By Storm At Pompeii. Lynn and Michael Olds . Bitch.
27 OHANA'S FRANKEN PEI'S MONSTER , NP52606901 10/31/2018. Breeder: J Kunipo, L McGowan,. L Olds By GCH Fairy Tails Ruff-Cut Silver Streak -- CH Lava'd Pei'd By Storm at Pompeii. Shawn Kunipo and John Kunipo . Dog.
28GCH BRUSHFIRE'S SWEETEST DREAM , NP49146502 1/31/2018. Breeder: Juan Catala, Stephanie Hentschel. and M Jo Janowicz By GCHB O-Na Pei N Xu-Fei Dream On -- GCHS Dot de Rides Primadonna. Lindsey and Robert Ellis and Mary Jo Janowicz . Bitch.

29GCHB XU-FEI'S HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS , NP39170401 12/10/2014. Breeder: Ann Cookson. By CH Tzo Wen Mandarin Orange -- CH Xu Fei's Simple The Best. Steve Best . Dog.
31GCHP MAJESTY'S LEGAXY ANOTHER EASY MASTERPIECE , NP42392801 11/20/2015. Breeder: Elizabeth A Brown and Alejandro. Gonzalez By GCHS Asias The Big Easy -- GCH Too Wen N Xiao Mais Ill Have Another. Alejandro Gonzalez and Beth Brown and Lisa Myers and Jan S Reed. Dog.

32GCH BROKEN RD'S CAN WE TALK AT PRUNEHILL , NP37771202 7/9/2014. Breeder: Russell Croole & Mara M Snyder. By GCH Bluerubein Aged to Perfetion -- CH Prunnehills's Hats off to Being All I Can Be. Mara Snyder Davis . Bitch. Tiffany Skinner, Agent.

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