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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


OPEN SENIOR CLASSJudge: Mrs. Sylvia Thomas
84CH SERENCI WINGS OF FIRE FC CGCA TKI , DN47483703 6/18/2016. Breeder: Catherine Chapel. and Barbara Merickel By CH Kino's Quarry Redbud Jasper -- GCH Braeling You Are My Lucky Star. CARDIGAN WELSH CORGIS Owner: Tanya and Roger Dumont and Catherine Chapel. Jr. Handler: Kyle Dumont,(95355397002)Dog.
85 TSUNAMI'S ENDLESS SUMMER , WS45707602 6/15/2013. Breeder: Shane Hooper & Erin Hooper. & Lindsey Freeman By GCH Winmar's Despicable Me -- GCH Tsunami's Peek-A-Boo. DOBERMAN PINSCHERS Owner: Shane Hooper & Erin Karst-Hooper. Jr. Handler: Alexis Hance,(70223692001)Bitch.
86GCHS NANTAM VOYAGER , RN28274401 6/16/2018. Breeder: Tammy Green. By GCH Rhapsody's Admiral Sir -- CH SpiceIsle's Share The Joy. MANCHESTER TERRIERS (TOY) Owner: Marit Alsager and Jerri Hobbes. Jr. Handler: Marit Alsager,(58664177001)Dog.
89 SKYELUCK GRAND ADVENTURE , RN32628701 2/4/2018. Breeder: Anu-Maarit Jokinen. By Skyeluck Adalia's Aidan -- Skyeluck Dream Believer. SKYE TERRIERS Owner: Katelyn Rosilez . Jr. Handler: Katelyn Rosilez,(33753661004)Dog.
90GCH SUNLYN SOMEONE SPECIAL , RN29402402 3/27/2016. Breeder: owner. By GCH Lil'Itch Wedigit Rugged Larke -- GCH Sunlyn Soon To Be Famous. FOX TERRIERS (SMOOTH) Owner: Brittney Lusk & Debbie Lusk & Evelyn Laughlin. Jr. Handler: Dakota Lusk,(60681087002)Bitch.
91CH ROCKLANE'S COPY CAT , SR78033301 6/14/2013. Breeder: Julie and Ron Matney. By CH Goldtale's Mister Big Time -- Rushhill's Oh Me Oh My. RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Owner: Julie Matney & Amanda Weiss. Jr. Handler: Amanda Weiss,(35130379002)Dog.

93CH VON WEILBURG & THE PHOENIX CLOSING THE BAR DAVINCI , HP54887605 12/20/2017. Breeder: Holle Cook, Michelle Bedowitz,. Lilly Bedowitz By GCHS The Phoenix Rising Above The Havoc -- GCHB Von Weilburgs Cosima Wunderkind. DACHSHUNDS (WIREHAIRED) Owner: Michelle Bedowitz & Lilly Bedowitz. Jr. Handler: Lillyanna Bedowitz,(91625566003)Dog.
95GCH D.B.F. CHECKERED FLAG , RN28804003 10/13/2015. Breeder: Candace Ludin. By GCHB D.B.F. Woodsong of KCR -- D.B.F. Victory Lap. RUSSELL TERRIER Owner: Riley Capton & Candace Lundin. Jr. Handler: Riley Capton,(89944972002)Dog.
96 CHU-Z'S STANDING IN THE SPOTLIGHT , WS62619501 8/25/2018. Breeder: Owners. By GCHB Millcreek And Polar Mist Wild West Outlaw A Blaz'n -- CH Windyridge's Destined 2B A Star For Chu-Z. SAMOYEDS Owner: Janet Chu-Hooker and Emilie Hooker. Jr. Handler: Emilie Hooker,(49934940002)Bitch. Ken Griffith, Agent.

98GCH HOUNDWALKER'S QUEEN OF HEARTS , HP52182906 9/24/2016. Breeder: Judy Walker. By GCHG Houndwalker's Hush Money -- Houndwalker's Jamaica Me Happy. BASSET HOUNDS Owner: Judy Walker . Jr. Handler: Madison A Eden,(10867929003)Bitch. Curtis Freeling, Agent.

99CH WHIRLAWAY DIABLO'S BARE KNUCKLE BRAWLER , HP53133402 2/27/2017. Breeder: Lynn Fitzgerald and Jennifer Lazw. and Christine Kitsch By GCHP Diablo's Back Alley Brawler CGC -- GCHG Whirlaways Ida Belle's A Ringing. RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS Owner: Nancy Faville and Lynn Fitzgerald. Jr. Handler: Gillian D Campbell,(39895863002)Dog.

103CH RED RYDER'S BAKER STREET WIDOWMAK'R JH , SR80864107 12/11/2013. Breeder: Red Ryder Vizslas. By CH Red Diamond Gypsy Pizzazz -- CH Mehagian's Sizzlin' Red Hot Ryder. VIZSLAS Owner: Leslie Anderson & Akemi Anderson & Sachiko. Jr. Handler: Akemi Anderson,(61404204003)Dog.
104 HARLOW'S MOONSTRUCK SPICE , NP45645704 1/30/2017. Breeder: Bob Harlow. By GCH Heaven's Kissed Gotta Have Spike -- Heaven's Kissed Trouble At Harlow's. FRENCH BULLDOGS Owner: Desiree Ann Ortiz . Jr. Handler: Marina Velasco,(66544840001)Bitch.
105GCH CANDAR'S FAME MONSTER , NP27002101 7/21/2010. Breeder: Candice Waters, Darlus and. Charlie Gerson By GCH Kissme Candar's Classic Rebel -- CH Candar's El-Bo-Licious I Candy. BOSTON TERRIERS Owner: Candice Waters and Darlus and Charlie Gerson. Jr. Handler: Jacob Waters,(83077268002)Dog.
107GCHB WHISPER RIDGE BOTTOMS UP , SR91387708 1/1/2016. Breeder: Sue Richards. and Joy Ory By GCH DC Ory's Marshal Dillon SH -- GCH Granmars One Rough Diamond JH. BRITTANYS Owner: Dan and Chloe Methe . Jr. Handler: Chloe Methe,(77851235008)Dog.

108 SENOJ'S ROYAL'S BENTLY , TS34134001 9/17/2016. Breeder: Cindy Jones. By CH Senoj's Quick Paws Jeter -- Senoj's Almost Royall Pippa. MALTESE Owner: Emma Gallaway . Jr. Handler: Emma Gallaway,(54192806005)Dog.

109 RAMBLEWOOD EVERYONE TALKS , SR99434606 5/28/2017. Breeder: Pamela Holt and Linda M Riedel. By GCHB Ramblewood Magic Carpet Ride -- GCH Ramblewood lady Marmalade. SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) Owner: Jackie Basgoitia and Kylie Compton. Jr. Handler: Kylie Compton,(93232300001)Dog.
110GCH KIZMAR CALIBRE ELITE'S ARLO & BEHOLD , SS04580902 3/29/2018. Breeder: Jamie Walton and Kathy A Rust. By CH Panacea N Gossamer's Shine on Harvest Moon -- GCH Kizmar Calibre Super Combined BN RA JH OA AXJ. VIZSLAS Owner: Maureen Bitter and Jamie Walton. Jr. Handler: Lillian Ellis,(48074064002)Dog.
111CH IMPRESSIVE INDEPENDENT CHARMER BN CD RI CGC , PR17791503 5/28/2014. Breeder: Donis Scheider. By CH Vartan's Rhapsody In Blue At impressive -- Impressive Savanah. POODLES (MINIATURE) Owner: Doris Scheider and Dana Kelly. Jr. Handler: Charese Kelly,(85406030001)Dog.
112 ENVY'S WORLD WONDER , DN41334001 11/24/2014. Breeder: owner. By CH Testimony's One Hot Commodity -- Broadway's Epic Blue Diamond. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS Owner: Shannon Barnes and Alexia Robles. Jr. Handler: Emma Garbrick,(43283170003)Dog.

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