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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


MASTIFFSJudge: Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia
MASTIFFS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
5 LAMARS WE HAVE UNFINISHED BUSINESS , WS65095407 6/21/2019. Breeder: Margo & Eric Lauritsen. By Lamars Special Agent -- CH Lamars MorningStar. Margo and Eric Lauritsen . Dog. Kelly Rackley, Agent.
MASTIFFS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.
7 ACE IN THE HOLE BLUE COLT 45 , WS62375803 9/7/2018. Breeder: David and Maryann Pearson. By CH All Tuckered Out Ace In The Hole Mastiff -- CH Honor Way's Lady Jolene. David & Maryann Pearson . Dog.

9 GRANITE HILLS I'M A BRICK HOUSE , WS63072807 12/14/2018. Breeder: Christie & Greg Lubbering. By CH Epics Storman Norman -- Ace The Hole Lil Miss Priss. Chrisite & Greg Lubbering . Dog.

15 ALPINE'S THUNDER STRUCK , WS63448800 12/27/2018. Breeder: Jaimee Marasso. By Mirabella's The Viking King Before -- Alpine's It's a Small World. Ryan and Lesley Shope 207 Calle La Fiesta Unit B. Dog. Lacey Wisler, Agent.
MASTIFFS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.
6 LAMARS'N'ALPINE'S NOTHING VENTURED NOTHING GAINED , WS65095408 6/21/2019. Breeder: Margo and Eric Lauritsen. By Lamars Special Agent -- CH Lamars Mornign Star. Jaimee Marasso and Margo Lauritsen . Bitch. Kelly Rackley, Agent.

8 MILLENNIUMS A NEW HOPE AT SOUTHPORT , WS64875302 5/8/2019. Breeder: Tim Plezbert & Chris Jones. and Julia Kriebs By CH Mountainview Millenniums Space Cowboy -- GCH Millennium Something To Talk About. Carla Sanchez and Dr Alix Sanchez and Danielle Hall. Bitch. Jorge Olivera, Agent.
MASTIFFS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

10 THUNDER SKY'S BIG DOGS QUEEN OF THE DESERT , WS65024704 3/20/2019. Breeder: Susan Miller -Brittan. By CH Lazy D's Red Devl -- GCH Ch Linfert Blue Bayou Of Big Dogs. Dick and Mary Greaver . Bitch.

12 PRIDELANDS KHALEESI , WS63660601 1/23/2019. Breeder: Thomas M Fisher. By CH Mystery Mountains Prophetic Watchman -- CH Prideland Kiara Of AZZ Ranch. Thomas M. Fisher . Bitch.
MASTIFFS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

14 GRANITE HILLS A WARM SHOT OF TENNESEE WHISKY , WS63072802 12/14/2018. Breeder: Christie Lubbering. By CH Epics Storman Norman -- Ace The Hole Lil Miss Priss. Chrisite & Greg Lubbering . Bitch.

16 THUNDER SKY'S GIVING THANKS , WS63186002 11/19/2018. Breeder: Dick Greaver and Mary Greaver. By CH Thunder Sky's Kodiak Gold -- CH Thunder Sky's Conjuring Chaos. Susan Miller-Brittan and Mary Greaver . Bitch. Dick Greaver, Agent.
MASTIFFS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

18 MARCY MTN'S KAMEA OF THE TABULA RASA FD , WS59891201 12/30/2017. Breeder: Doreen Dysert. By CH Sergio Infinite Beauty CGC -- GCHB Marcy Mtn's Tabula Rasa From The Storm BN RN CGCA TKN. Doreen Dysert . Bitch.

20 MYSTERY MOUNTAIN'S DAISY DUKE , WS61833604 7/1/2018. Breeder: Clark Henderson. By CH Prideland Megatron of Mystery Mountain -- Diamond Creek Gabriela of Mystery Mtn. Clark Henderson . Bitch.
MASTIFFS Open Bitches.

22 BRIGHTSTARS SOUTH BOUND SUAREZ , WS61485410 6/15/2018. Breeder: Kara Berrey and Barbara House. By GCH Autumn Oaks Silver Lining I'll be Your Huckleberry -- CH Britestars Programmed for Excellence. Lorrie Loomis . Bitch.
24 KRR FRONTIER SOJOURNER TRUTH , WS59817101 11/28/2017. Breeder: Kelly S Cooper. By CH Ridgerunner Last Frontier -- GCH Kelly's RR Frontier Mother Lode. Kelly S Cooper . Bitch.

26 MILLENNIUM APPLE CREEK'S THIS IS MY PLAYGROUND , WS59285303 11/13/2017. Breeder: Tim Plezbert, Chris Jones. and Denise King By GCH Millenniums Ain't No Stoping Us Now RN -- CH Millenniums If She Promised You Heaven. Heath and Gina Massolo . Bitch.
MASTIFFS Best-of-Breed/Variety
11 WEILER'S SHARP DRESSED MAN AT RIVER VALLEY , WS63526302 12/6/2018. Breeder: Mrs. Amber Nicole Weiler. By CH Weiler's Glorious Defender RN CGC -- Weiler's Lovely Ladee Liberty CGCA TKN. Rebecca K Davis . Dog. Sammie Lewis, Agent.

17CH SOUTHPORTS OURS IS THE FURY , WS59115106 9/28/2017. Breeder: Wayland Lum. By GCH Southports Oh Danny Boy -- Pacific Isle's Kallyfornia Dream. Danielle Sanchez and Carla Sanchez and Alix Sanchez. Dog. Kimberlie Steele, Agent.
19GCHS SASSENACHS RD "JE SUIS PREST" BN RI CGC , WS54175606 7/6/2016. Breeder: Barbie Fiorentino & Anita Sanders. By CH Goldleaf's Big Nugget -- Rainy Days Spice And Everything Nice CGC. Kathy Parker & Jon Parker & Barbie Fiorentino . Dog. Dick Greaver, Agent.
21GCHG HIGHLANDERS TO BOLDLY GO AT BRITESTAR , WS53642502 4/16/2016. Breeder: Stephanie and Allan Howells. and Joyce and George Vaughn By CH Wildroses's Music Man -- CH Highlanders Hearts Desire. Meredith Bostian & Barbara House . Dog.
23GCH R3 CABEZON ONE MORE RIDE , WS61014002 3/31/2018. Breeder: Sandra Espig and Breanne Hernande. By GCHS Rainy Days Eight Second Ride CGCA -- CH Cabezon's Hallelujah It's Raining Men. Tim Pearson and Nicholas Tomacelli . Dog. Luke Baggenstos, Agent.
25CH MYSTERY MOUNTAIN'S HULKAMANIAC , WS61833605 7/1/2018. Breeder: Clark Henderson. By CH Pridelands Megatron of Mystery Mountain -- Diamond Creek Gabriela of Mystery MTN. Clark Henderson . Dog.
27GCHB HARVEST HAZE BY UNANMOUS DECISION , WS58132303 3/23/2017. Breeder: Kelly Verbridge & Amanda Lynn. Griffin By CH Caledonia Guilty As Charged CGC -- CH Gryphons Try Your Luck At Harvest Haze. Cynthia Furr and Terry Furr and Kelly Verbridge. Dog. Pamela Gilley, Agent.
28CH ACE IN THE HOLE HEIRLOOMS ROSE COLORED GLASSES , WS62375805 9/7/2018. Breeder: Maryann and David Pearson. By CH All Tuckered Ace In Hole Mastiff -- CH Honor Way's Lady Jolene. Debi Flocchini . Bitch.
30CH LAMARS BUFFALO GAL DANCE BY THE LIGHT , WS63844302 1/13/2019. Breeder: Margo & Eric Lauritsen. By HeritagehearthiloveitwhenaplancomestoghetherLamars -- GCHB Lamars You Are In My Heart JJ. Margo & Eric Lauritsen and Sheila Austin . Bitch. Kelly Rackley, Agent.
32CH MOONDANCE'S RAENA OF PRIDELAND , WS54487602 8/19/2016. Breeder: Tomas Michael Fisher. By Prideland Megatron of Mystery MTN -- Mystery MTN Prideland Serabi. Arturo A Perez . Bitch. Guillermo (Memo) Cavazos, Agent.

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