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MANCHESTER TERRIERS (TOY)Judge: Dr. Alton J. Pertruit, Jr.
9 BAYSIDE'S BEAU PETIT , RN25700701 8/16/2013. Breeder: Dianna L Texter and Charity Rose. Hesseltine By GCH Earendils Remy Lebeau -- CH Lil Miss Cadie Boots. Karen L Brown . Dog.
11 BAYSIDE'S ROYAL PRINCE REMY , RN25700802 7/24/2013. Breeder: Dianna L. Texter. By GCH Earendil's Remy Lebeau -- GCH Bayside's Royal Princess. Sabrina Gail Peterson . Dog.
MANCHESTER TERRIERS (TOY) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.
8 BLOSSOMS JASMINE DREAMS , RN26682907 3/6/2014. Breeder: Blossm Scott-Heim. By CH, FC Blossom's Let's Dance -- CH, FC Fwaggles Shake Yer Tailfeather. Marya Fittje and Blossom Scott-Heim . Bitch.
MANCHESTER TERRIERS (TOY) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

6 BENISON'S DANCE OF THE REED PIPES , RN27118901 6/18/2014. Breeder: Karen Cornell. By CH Rosewood Rebellion At Brubec -- GCH Fwaggles Mixed Blessing CGC. Karen Cornell . Bitch.
10 BLOSSOMS DREAM A LITTLE DREAM , RN26682901 3/6/2014. Breeder: Blossom Scott-Heim. By -- . Blossom Scott-Heim . Bitch.
MANCHESTER TERRIERS (TOY) Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Dogs.
15GCH ROSEWOOD'S CASANOVA , RN09024901 5/9/2005. Breeder: Phillip Shane. By CH Salutaire Thats My Man -- CH Rosewoods Precious Jewel. Dianna Texter and Betty Hodges and Peter Rank. Dog.
5 BLOSSOMS LIFE OF THE PARTY , RN26413303 11/13/2013. Breeder: owner. By GCH Fwaggles Tragically Hip -- CH Blossom's Bandit Queen. Blossom Scott-Heim . Dog. Jeff Heim, Agent.

17CH SPOTTED OAK'S WAKE THE DEAD , RN21220702 8/14/2010. Breeder: Jenell Zanotto & victoria Herbert. By CH Fwaggles Tap Man At Burmack -- CH Toria A Wild Morning Glory. Jenell and Dante Zanotto . Dog.
18GCH BURMACK'S TAP THAT AT NEWBEG , RN25865802 6/5/2013. Breeder: James Burrows and Patrick R. Mackesey By CH Burmack's Secret Is Out -- CH Burmack's Rosie V Evrmor. Rachelle Duncan and James Burrows . Bitch.
20GCH BYASIDE'S CODY JOY , RN23109503 9/30/2011. Breeder: Dianna Texter. By GCH Rosewood Casanova -- GCH Heaven Hi's Milestone. Stan Umlauft and Dianna Texter . Bitch. Adrian Ghione, Agent.
21CH ROSEWOOD CAPTAIN MORGAN , RN25708001 6/25/2013. Breeder: Betty Hodges. By CH Rustic Lane Mad Max -- CH Rosewood Goddess Of Love. Betty Hodges . Dog. Michelle Paulin, Agent.

22GCH EVRMOR GIFT OF GRACE , RN22821802 8/6/2011. Breeder: Maxine Fox and Pat Mackesey. and Michelle Miller and J. Morgan By CH Burmack Gaenja's Tucker -- GCH Evrmor's Ruby Of Burmack. Lou Novosad and Janna Morgan and Maxine Fox . Bitch. Richard Mysliwiec, Jr, Agent.
23CH BURMACK'S NATIONAL TREASURE AT MEDLEY , RN17972702 12/3/2008. Breeder: James G Burrows. and Patrick R Mackensey By CH Burnack Gaenja's Tucker -- CH Dee's Ginger v Burmack. Tamara Myers and James Burrows . Dog.
24 BAYSIDES NAUGHTY GIRL , RN25496601 6/24/2013. Breeder: Dianna Texter and Betty Hodges. By CH Rustic Lanes Mad Max -- CH Rosewood Lady Antebellum. Bette J. Peterson and Dianna Texter . Bitch.
25GCH BAYSIDE'S BEGINNING , RN25422904 4/23/2013. Breeder: Dianna Texter and Karen Cornell. By GCH Rosewood Casanova -- GCH Fwaggles Mixed Blessing. Dianna Texter . Dog.

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