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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


SETTERS (IRISH)Judge: Mr. Jamie Hubbard
SETTERS (IRISH) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
5 AVON FARM MIDNIGHT BLUE , SR01702701 6/30/2017. Breeder: Avon Farm, Leslie Russell &. Mary Ann Witt By CH Avon Farm Thoughts Of Calcutta -- Avon Farm Miss Star Shine. Paul & Linda Gargis . Dog.
SETTERS (IRISH) 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.
7 RUAIRI'S WORTHY OF RECOGNITION , SR95145109 9/19/2016. Breeder: Amanda Evans. By CH Durin's Summer Sensation -- GCH Ruairi's Boncos Quarterback Draw CGC. Amanda Evans . Dog.

9 RUMRAISIN OLYMPIC BLUE SKY , SR97203404 11/16/2016. Breeder: Susan E Kwiatkiwski &. Debra A Hamilton By CH Willowbrook Artists Rendition -- GCH Rumraisin Misguided Angel UD RAE OAP OJP XFP. Lynda & Greg Thompson & Debra A Hamilton & Susan E Kwiatkowski. Dog. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.

11 VERMILLION'S THE PERFECT STORM , SR95332402 9/29/2016. Breeder: Mary and Bruce Foote and Jan Zeic. and Adam Bernardin By GCHP Vermillion Sea Breeze -- GCHS Lucky Morn Firecracker. Mark and Danita Daily . Dog.
SETTERS (IRISH) American Bred Dogs.

17 DUBLIN'S AS GOOD AS IT GETS , SR64124106 8/16/2010. Breeder: owner. By Dublin's Mtr. Artistocrat -- CH Dublin's Simply Irresistible JH. Pamela Kidd and Pat Boldt . Dog. Catlin Cahill, Agent.

19 SILVERMOON MIDNIGHT SPECIAL , SR86320809 1/31/2015. Breeder: Leslie A Brochu. By CH Roclyn Grounds Keeper -- GCH Silvermoon Rhythm's Magic. Leslie A Brochu . Dog. Carlos Carizzo, Agent.

25 ASHTON DIRTY LAUNDRY , SR84759902 9/8/2014. Breeder: Janet Jenkins Hylton. and Gary Hylton By CH Ashton Flight Of The Phoenix -- GCH Ashton 'N Bellary Mirage. Janet Jenkins Hylton and Gary Hylton . Dog.

29 KULANA KISS THE SKY , SR76391503 7/12/2012. Breeder: Mrs. Valerie Gervais and Heidi M. Gervais By CH Kulana Justa Dog -- CH Rusticwood Moonlight Seduction. Melissa Gervais . Dog.

31 LANE'S END OVER THE LEGAL LIMIT , SR72891904 5/23/2012. Breeder: Margaret Berry, Jack and Sally. Hulsey By CH Windrose Music of the Night -- CH Winrose Eye-rish Katy Scarlet. Margaret Berry . Dog.
SETTERS (IRISH) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 FIRLE OAK PHOTO FINISH , SR98401901 2/9/2017. Breeder: Tom and Anita Gage. By GCH Avon Farm Kingston Rule -- GCH Firle Oak Hollywood Wildcat. Anita and Tom Gage . Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

14 EIREAN SHE'S GOT A WAY TO ABSINTHE , SR98808301 11/5/2016. Breeder: Diane Anderson. By GCH Shelomith Vice Regent -- GCH Eirean California By Design. John Hughes . Bitch.

16 SHALL WE DANCE AQUAMARINE , RKF4661118 8/22/2016. Breeder: Alina Kulakova. By Allure Show Piter -- Allure Show Honest Smile. Mark and Laurie Pedreira and Alina Kulakova . Bitch.

22 ONORA ROSE'S ENYA LIPSTICK , SR96076404 11/8/2016. Breeder: Russell L Gibson and Carol Newman. By GCH Soraj Starlight Express -- GCH Tramore Onora Rose. Russell L Gibson and Patricia Dennis . Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

28 DONEGAN'S DOLCE VITA II , SR86299801 10/13/2014. Breeder: Laurie Darrel and Dawn Stafford. By CH Cairncross Silverado -- GCH Donegan's Darling At RedCloud JH. Dawn Stafford and Laurie Darrel . Bitch.

30 KINROSS 'N' ESTRELLA BFF , SR90434601 8/24/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Kinross Burberry Brit -- Kinross Last Tango. Jeanette Holmes and Sherry Oke and Noelle Seusy. Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) American Bred Bitches.

34 ROCLYN ERIN GO BRAUGH , SR88515804 5/27/2015. Breeder: Cynthia Stanford & Sandy Barrett. By CH Ballymera's Stormin' Norman -- CH Roclyn Half Pint MHA CGC. Sandy and John Barrett and Cynthia Stanford . Bitch.
36 CONAMARA VISION OF GRANDEUR , SR89461607 7/28/2015. Breeder: Kathy Grayson. and Roger Kibbee By CH Conamara Class Action -- Conamara Almost Paradise. John and Robin Boyer . Bitch. Kathy Grayson, Agent.
SETTERS (IRISH) Open Bitches.

38 KINROSS KISS AND TELL , SR84627001 7/19/2014. Breeder: Sherry Oke & Cynthis Stanford. By CH Roclyn Grounds Keeper -- CH Kinross Shalimar. Sherry Oke . Bitch.

40 AFTERNOON D'LIGHT BRIGHT STAR , SR77104801 3/13/2013. Breeder: Owners. By Russell's Joseph's Journey -- CH Varbrill Zazil Bright Star. Matthew & Wendy Czarnecki . Bitch. Rachel Barnes, Agent.
42 KILBANE AIN'T SHE SWEET JH , SR85201302 10/30/2014. Breeder: Christine Cerelli. By Thendhia Spring Troubador -- CH Kilbane Wish Upon A Star Jh. Christine Cerelli . Bitch.

46 MIJEAN'S YOU TRIED TO FOOL ME , SR83375603 3/26/2014. Breeder: Sarah Shuman, Jean Johnson,. Jennifer Holmberg and Joann By CH Mijean's I Fooled Ya -- GCH Mi Jean'a Ultimatum. Jan Schreiber . Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Dogs.
33GCH JADESTAR REMINGTON SPECIAL , SR63320107 6/28/2010. Breeder: Janet Smith. By GCH Pompei's Good and Plenty -- CH Courtwood Way Out West. Jenny Sullivan . Dog.
SETTERS (IRISH) Best-of-Breed/Variety
23 AVON FARM MY THOUGHT EXACTLY , SR75060104 7/25/2012. Breeder: Leslie Russel and Avon Farm. By CH Avon Farm Oh! Calcutta -- Avon Farm Penny For Your Thoughts. William Dennis & Rita Dennis . Dog. Carrie Beaver, Agent.

37GCHS FIRLE OAK MORE THAN READY , SR76350102 1/23/2013. Breeder: owner. By GCH Avon Farm Lost In The Fog -- GCH Firle Oak Hollywood Wildcat. Anita and Tom Gage . Dog.
39GCH RENDITION TREASURE OF THE SIERRAS , SR75158102 10/13/2012. Breeder: Dawn and Rich Secord. By CH Willowbrook Artists Rendition JH -- CH Rusticwood Spellbound. Barrey and Liaf Robles . Dog. Kathy Grayson, Agent.
41 CONAMARA GRAND PRIX CGC TKN , SR89461610 7/28/2015. Breeder: Kathy Grayson & Rodger Kibbee. By CH Conamara Class Action -- Conamara Almost Paradise. Bruce D'Errico & Loretta D'Errico . Dog.

43GCHS MI JEAN'S YOU MAD BRO? , SR83375602 3/26/2014. Breeder: owner. By CH Mi Jean's I Fooled 'YA -- CH Mi Jean's Ultimatum. Jean Johnson & Jennifer & Joanne Holmberg & Sarah Shuman. Dog.
45CH STARDUST STRIKE UP THE BAND , SR74923111 10/27/2012. Breeder: Judith Bohannon. and Natalie Gaylord By CH Stardust Witchwynd KY Moon -- GCH Sugarstop La Vida Dulce. Diana and Scott Escandon-Lancaster . Dog. Jessica Baldwin, Agent.
48GCH ONORA AQUILA , SR83261311 5/13/2014. Breeder: Russell Gibson. By CH Cairncross The Sting at Onora -- GCH Tramore Onora Rose. Russell L Gibson and Patricia Dennis . Bitch. Carlos Carizzo, Agent.
50CH CASHLYN REDPATH MONSOON RAIN , SR87746603 3/15/2015. Breeder: Jennifer Cfooper. and Zoon Peng and Lesley Russell By Avon Barcelona -- CH Avon Farm Rain Bird. Eizabeth A Duddy and Lori Hoft . Bitch.

54CH LUHOGA ANGEL IN THE OUTFIELD , SR79030501 7/11/2013. Breeder: Yvette & Tom Sons & J.. McLaughlin By GCH Shine-On Moon Over Briarglen -- GCH Estvella Timeless Diamond, CGC. Yvette Sons . Bitch.
56CH EASTWIND'S GET YOUR SHINE ON , SR90737203 11/2/2015. Breeder: JoLynn Athorp. and Jan Ziech By GCH Rusticwood Bentley Corsica -- CH Lucky Morn Red High Heels RN. Jackie Allen and JoLynn Athorp and Jan Ziech. Bitch. Lynda O'Connor-Schneider, Agent.
58CH CAROUSEL'S AS TIME GOES BY , SR85110704 8/29/2014. Breeder: Laurice Mays. By GCH Pompei's Good and Plenty -- CH Carousel's Lady in Red. Bonnie Cooper and Laurice Mays . Bitch.
60CH SILVERMOON STARRY STARRY NIGHT, CGC , SR86320806 1/31/2015. Breeder: Leslie Brochu. By CH Roclyn Grounds Keeper -- GCH Silvermoon Rhythm's Magic. Sharon and Ted Rehmeyer and Judith K Peterson . Bitch. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.
62CH CONAMARA SUPER SEA DANCER , SR86762901 2/1/2015. Breeder: Sue Graham & Kathy Grayson. By GCH Avon Farm Kingston Rule -- GCH Conamara Pennies Classic Shenanigans. Barrey and Liaf Robles . Bitch. Kathy Grayson, Agent.

64CH RED CLOUD DO'IN A DOUBLE TAKE , SR82033401 2/17/2014. Breeder: Laurie Darrel and Dawn Stafford. By GCH Cairncross Rhinestone Cowboy -- GCH Donegan's Darling at Red Cloud JH. Laurie Darrel and Dawn Stafford . Bitch.

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