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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


BULLMASTIFFSJudge: Mrs. Linda Clark
BULLMASTIFFS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
7 ABBEY ROAD BULMASRANGER LIAM , WS56942702 4/10/2017. Breeder: Kathryn Nibley. By GCHB Trugrit Tally Ho Tucker -- GCHB Middlemarch's AbbeyRoad Of Royale Guard. Plakor Tondaipetch . Dog.
9 SHOWDOWN'S GOING TO CALIFORNIA , WS57341002 6/2/2017. Breeder: Sandra Statter D.V.M. By GCHG Affinity's 3 Sheets To The Wind -- CH Showdown's BonTemps Beauty OAP OJP CA CS CGC. Deborah Catterall and Patricia McFarland and Sandra Statter D.V.M. Dog.
BULLMASTIFFS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

11 SHOWGIRL'S LEON JONES , WS57198602 4/4/2017. Breeder: Linda Joy Stowe. By GCHG Showgirl's Mudgee Jones -- GCH Marconian N Ridgetop's Calamiti Jones. Kenyon-Stephanie Greenwald & Linda Joy Stowe . Dog.

15 WHISKEYHILL ON A WING AND A PRAYER , WS57094401 3/18/2017. Breeder: Carol Beans. By CH Whiskey Mill's Grumman -- Tauralan Touched By An Angel. Connie Urbanski and Susie Borg . Dog.
BULLMASTIFFS Open Brindle Dogs.

17 TAURALAN HARRY TAVISH , WS53820801 3/17/2016. Breeder: Owner. By Ardhuv Im Back With Black -- CH Tauralan Truly Spellbound. Carol H. Beans . Dog. Jennifer Arthington, Agent.
BULLMASTIFFS Open Any Other Allowed Color Dogs.

19 JENKINS 'N' SHOWGIRL'S KING OF ROME , WS54605602 7/3/2016. Breeder: Julie Jenkins. By GCHG Banstock N Highpoint New Day Bruin At Kimo -- CH City of Angel. Eric R Mintz and Julie Jenkins and Linda Stowe. Dog.
BULLMASTIFFS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 BULLMAST BETHN BORIS BRANDY BELLE AT RON DOMAR , WS56701201 3/13/2017. Breeder: Patricia O'Brien & Doreen Reel. By Brandy N Besitos Boris of Bullmast -- CH Beauty N Gallant Lady Beth Grantham of Bullmast. Doety Marks . Bitch. Linda Mattson, Agent.
BULLMASTIFFS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

10 MAESTRA'S DREAM COME TRUE , WS55484602 11/18/2016. Breeder: Linda McDonald. By GCH Desert Winds Big Red This Life If For You -- GCH Maestra's Uzuri Ambrosia. Nicole Riesgo & Linda McDonald . Bitch.

12 GAFFLE'S CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' , WS55900612 12/10/2016. Breeder: Kathy Kocher. By CH Gaffle's Oxford Don -- GCHB Gaffle's Mot Juste Herme's. Linda & Ken Heichlinger . Bitch.
BULLMASTIFFS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

14 BALBUENA'S NEVER LOSE HOPE , WS45495402 8/27/2013. Breeder: Mariano Balbuena Jr and Katrina. Balbuena and Deborah By CH barb'eric's Magical Mystery Tour -- CH Balbuena's Can't Wait Til April 15th. Mariano Jr Balbuena . Bitch.
16 MARCONIAN'N RIDGETOPS ITS ALL ABOUT THAT BASE , WS48101802 7/24/2014. Breeder: owner. By GCHB Marconia'n Ridgetops Thunder Road -- GCH Ridgetops Happy Birthday To Marconia. Olga Whittall and Galina Ditman . Bitch.
BULLMASTIFFS Open Any Other Allowed Color Bitches.
8 BLACK RIVERS KNOCKIN ON HEAVENS DOOR , WS53771604 4/19/2016. Breeder: Black River Bullmastiff's. By Marconian's Boom Shake The Room GCHB CH -- Black River's Fee Fee Le Caniche De Steroides CGC. Katie Tucker . Bitch.

18 ICON'S IT FIGURES , WS54547602 5/25/2016. Breeder: Teri Winston & Kathy Kocher. By CH Banstock Bruno Of the North East -- CH Gaffle's Icon Repeated In red. Marcel Daignault and Teri Winston . Bitch. Shawna Swanson, Agent.
BULLMASTIFFS Best-of-Breed/Variety
5 ABBEY ROAD BULMASRANGER LOGA , WS56942701 4/10/2017. Breeder: Kathryn Nibley. By GCHB Trugrit Tally Ho Tucker -- GCHB Middlemarch's Abbey Royale Grand. Plakor Tondaipetch . Dog. Anthony Groth, Agent.
20CH TAURALAN THISTLEDOWN , WS53820802 3/17/2016. Breeder: Carol H. Beans. By Ardhuv Im Back With Black -- CH Tauralan Truly Spellbound. Carol H. Beans . Bitch. Stephen Cabral, Agent.

21GCHG SHOWGIRLS MUDGEE JONES , WS45487402 6/28/2013. Breeder: Linda Stowe. By GCH Ridgetop's From Russia With Love -- GCH Ambrozia Jones. Linda Stowe and Steve and Judi McAskill . Dog.
22GCH STARRDOGS ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME AT EVEREST , WS52044805 11/1/2015. Breeder: Judy Minshew. By GCH Starrdogs Kingston Horton -- Stardogs Runs With the Wind. Teena Uyeno and Breanna Uyeno . Bitch.
23CH ANGEL'S PHOENIX HEART ATTACK , WS56742601 10/29/2016. Breeder: Francesca Pavesi. By Costog Mompressons Home Bru -- Indecent Proposal. Julie Jenkins and Linda Stowe and Francesca Pavesi. Dog.
24CH SHOWGIRL'S TINY DANCER , WS53812103 4/12/2016. Breeder: Linda Joy Stowe. By GCHB Marconian'n Ridgetop's Thunder Road -- GCH Showgirl's Kalizi Jones. Linda Stowe and Jacquiline Stowe . Bitch.
25CH MARCONIANN'RIDGETOPS THUNDER ROAD , WS46880501 5/15/2013. Breeder: Galina Dittman and Olga Whittall. By Belong to Me is Dvariskiu -- Bullstock'N Garroways Nikita. Galina Dittman and Olga Whittall . Dog.
27GCH DESERT WINDS BIG RED THIS LIFE IS FOR YOU CGC , WS45479001 9/20/2013. Breeder: Doug A. Plemel. By GCH Hollywood -- CH Desert Winds Rollercoaster O Love. Nicole Marie Riesgo and Doug Plemel . Dog.
29GCH GAFFEL AND KIMO GO SET A WATCHMEN , WS52781601 12/9/2015. Breeder: Kathy Kocher. By GCH Barnstock N High Point New Day Bruin at Kimo -- CH Gaffels Made of Honor. Pamelia Hill . Dog.
33CH BTHNMACS EVERYBODY LOVES BRISKET OF BULLMAST , WS53101701 11/9/2015. Breeder: Patricia O'Brien. and Doreen Reel By GCH Brobuds Black Mac Tou of Bullmast -- CH Beauty N Gallant Lady Beth Grantham of Bullmast. Hanne Mintz & Marina Mintz . Dog.

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