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# 2 TriValley Working Dog Club

Judging Program

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    Show Information

    Judging Program in PDF:
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    List of Judges

    Mrs. Cathy De La Garza810 Av A
    South Houston, TX 77587
    Mrs. Laura Delfino11495 Shadow Ln
    Browns Valley, CA 95918
    Mrs. Beth Downey10311 Red Leaf Cir
    Ocean Springs, MS 39565
    Mr. Richard W. Eichhorn1620 Eagle Butte Rd
    Palmdale, CA 93551
    Mr. Larry E. Hansen, Jr.18014 N. 145th Dr
    Surprise, AZ 85374
    Mrs. Sandra Pretari Hickson468 Elm Avenue
    San Bruno, CA 94066
    Mrs. Doety Marks22311 Eagle Rock Way
    Laguna Beach, CA 92651
    Mr. George E. Marquis1825 Coco Palm Dr
    Edgewater, FL 32132
    Mr. Bradley Odagiri728 Kaulana Pl
    Honolulu, HI 96821
    Ms. Marina Pavlovsky6214 Beliguim Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89122
    Mr. John C. Ramirez8526 Imperial Highway
    Downey, CA 90242
    Mrs. Betty S. Ribble13035 Via Caballo Rojo
    San Diego, CA 92129


    Judging Program

    Ring No 1
    Judge: Mr. Larry E. Hansen, Jr.
    Ring Steward: Doris Bandoian
    1:00 PM 
     1Newfoundland 0-1
     8ST. Bernard 3-5
    Ring No 1
    Judge: Mrs. Doety Marks
    1:25 PM 
     16Bullmastiff 4-3-(4-5)
     10Great Dane 2-1-(4-2)
    Ring No 1
    Judge: Mrs. Sandra Pretari Hickson
    2:20 PM 
     1Giant Schnauzer 0-0-(0-1)
     1Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 0-0-(1-0)
     5Standard Schnauzer 0-2-(2-1)
     1Portuguese Water Dog 0-0-(0-1)
    2:45 PM 
     11Akita 3-6-(2-0)
    Ring No 1
    Judge: Mr. Bradley Odagiri
    3:15 PM 
     1Open Junior Class
     3Open Intermediate Class
     2Open Senior Class
     1The Master Class
    Ring No 2
    Judge: Mrs. Cathy De La Garza
    Ring Steward: Paul Garrity
    1:00 PM 
     6Bernese Mountain Dog 3-2-(1-0)
     13Doberman Pinscher 4-6-(1-2)
    1:45 PM 
     11Siberian Husky 4-2-(4-1)
    Ring No 2
    Judge: Mrs. Beth Downey
    2:15 PM 
     33Boxer 8-18-(5-2)
    Ring No 3
    Judge: Mr. John C. Ramirez
    Ring Steward: Carlo Guthrie
    1:00 PM 
     7Mastiff 3-0-(1-3)
     3Anatolian Shepherd 1-0-(1-1)
     1Boerboel 1-0
     3Kuvasz 1-0-(2-0)
     2Neapolitan Mastiff 2-0
    1:40 PM 
     19Cane Corso 7-6-(4-2)
    2:30 PM 
     26Rottweiler 7-12-(5-2)
     8Great Pyrenees 0-2-(3-3)
     9Alaskan Malamute 4-1-(3-1)
     14Samoyed 5-5-(2-2)
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mr. George E. Marquis
    Ring Steward: Betsy Harvey
    2:00 PM 
     41Black Russian Terrier 7-13-1VD-(11-9)
    Ring No 13
    Judge: Mrs. Betty S. Ribble
    Ring Steward: Cathleen Nielsen
    Ring Steward: Erin Zimmer
    Ring Steward: Judy Lewis-Mernit
    1:25 PM 
     2Obedience-Open Class A
    (Starting number 0125 )
     10Obedience-Novice Class B
    (Starting number 0075 )
     1Obedience-Novice Class A
    (Starting number 0005 )
     7Obedience-Beginner Novice B
    (Starting number 0725 )
     3Obedience-Beginner Novice A
    (Starting number 0705 )
    Ring No 14
    Judge: Mrs. Laura Delfino
    Ring Steward: Carol R. Hamilton
    Ring Steward: Andrea Mraz
    Ring Steward: Patty Kohn
    1:10 PM 
     12Obedience-Utility Class B
    (Starting number 0275 )
     1Obedience-Utility Class A
    (Starting number 0225 )
     11Obedience-Open Class B
    (Starting number 0170 )
    Ring No 15
    Judge: Ms. Marina Pavlovsky
    Ring Steward: Kayla Partridge
    Ring Steward: Pat Ames
    Ring Steward: Steve Lewin
    Ring Steward: Carroll Brown
    10:30 AM 
     5Obedience-Rally Master
    (Starting number 0705 )
    11:10 AM 
     3Obedience-Rally Excellent B
    (Starting number 0605 )
     1Obedience-Rally Excellent A
    (Starting number 0505 )
    11:25 AM 
     6Obedience-Rally Advanced B
    (Starting number 0405 )
     1Obedience-Rally Advanced A
    (Starting number 0305 )
    11:45 AM 
     5Obedience-Rally Intermediate
    (Starting number 0205 )
    12 Noon 
     6Obedience-Rally Novice B
    (Starting number 0105 )


    Judging Schedule

    Please Note: This Schedule is for the convenience of exhibitors and spectators.
    If a discrepancy exists between these times and/or ring numbers, and those listed under the ring number in the body of the program, follow the latter.
    Akita112:45 PM1
    Alaskan Malamute92:30 PM3
    Anatolian Shepherd31:00 PM3
    Beginner Novice A31:25 PM13
    Beginner Novice B71:25 PM13
    Bernese Mountain Dog61:00 PM2
    Black Russian Terrier412:00 PM10
    Boerboel11:00 PM3
    Boxer332:15 PM2
    Bullmastiff161:25 PM1
    Cane Corso191:40 PM3
    Doberman Pinscher131:00 PM2
    Giant Schnauzer12:20 PM1
    Great Dane101:25 PM1
    Great Pyrenees82:30 PM3
    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog12:20 PM1
    Kuvasz31:00 PM3
    Mastiff71:00 PM3
    Neapolitan Mastiff21:00 PM3
    Newfoundland11:00 PM1
    Novice Class A11:25 PM13
    Novice Class B101:25 PM13
    Open Junior Class13:15 PM1
    Open Class A21:25 PM13
    Open Class B111:10 PM14
    Open Intermediate Class33:15 PM1
    Open Senior Class23:15 PM1
    Portuguese Water Dog12:20 PM1
    Rally Novice B612 Noon15
    Rally Intermediate511:45 AM15
    Rally Advanced A111:25 AM15
    Rally Advanced B611:25 AM15
    Rally Excellent A111:10 AM15
    Rally Excellent B311:10 AM15
    Rally Master510:30 AM15
    Rottweiler262:30 PM3
    Samoyed142:30 PM3
    Siberian Husky111:45 PM2
    ST. Bernard81:00 PM1
    Standard Schnauzer52:20 PM1
    The Master Class13:15 PM1
    Utility Class A11:10 PM14
    Utility Class B121:10 PM14

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