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    Show Information

    Quick Count

    Rings and times will be posted as soon as possible. Corrected counts will be posted at that time.

    The compilation of entries in each breed and the division by sex, has been carefully prepared for your convenience. However, the Club and the Show Superintendent assume no responsibility for its absolute accuracy. The figure following each breed indicates the number of dogs, bitches and Best of Breed Competition, in that order.


    List of Judges

    ToBeAssigned ToBeAssigned


    Judging Program

     2Chesapeake Bay Retriever 2-0
     2German Shorthaired Pointer 2-0
     1Golden Retriever 0-1
     1Labrador Retriever 1-0
     1Pointer 0-1
     1Afghan Hound 1-0
     2Beagle Fifteen Inches 1-1
     1Borzoi 0-1
     2Dachshund (Longhaired) 1-1
     1Dachshund (Smooth) 0-1
     1Otterhound 0-1
     4Rhodesian Ridgeback 1-3
     3Whippet 1-2
     1Black Russian Terrier 1-0
     1Boxer 0-1
     2Bullmastiff 1-1
     3Great Dane 3-0
     1Kuvasz 0-1
     4Siberian Husky 1-3
     1Rat Terrier 0-1
     1Russell Terriers 1-0
     2Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 1-1
     1Chihuahua (Long Coat) 0-1
     1Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) 0-1
     1Japanese Chin 1-0
     1Papillon 1-0
     1Pekingese 0-1
     3Pug 1-2
     3Bichon Frises 1-2
     2Bulldog 1-1
     1French Bulldog 0-1
     1Australian Cattle Dog 0-1
     1Bearded Collie 1-0
     1Beauceron 0-1
     2Bouvier Des Flandres 2-0
     1Briard 0-1
     1Miniature American Shepherd 1-0
     2Shetland Sheepdog 2-0

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