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RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN)Judge: Mr. Alberto Berrios
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 PREMIERE THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT , SR74842701 8/27/2012. Breeder: Christine and Lauren Texter. By CH Forever Dolce and Gabana -- Premiere Sweet Child of Mine. Patrick and Jackie Alingasa and Christine and Lauren Texter . Dog.

7 COPPERCREEK LAST MAN STANDING , SR74853101 9/24/2012. Breeder: Kennifer L. Kipper. and Julie Barber By CH Icarian Oahu's Yer Daddy -- CH Kate's Coppercreek Liberty Bell BN, RN. Jennifer L. Kipper and Julie L. Barber . Dog.

11 GRACELYNN'S RAISING KANE , SR74332302 9/10/2012. Breeder: Steven Prible and Kathy Lynn Prib. and Virginia A Boyle By CH Birnam Wood's Hoot Gibson -- GCH Charms All Deck'd Out N Diamonds. Carley Tom and Lisa Simpson . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.
15 SHYAN'S CUSTOM FOUR X FOUR , SR73822701 6/16/2012. Breeder: Susan Maloch and Debra Berry. By Shyan's Lucky Streak -- Shyan's Double Trouble. Angeles Russell and Susan Maloch . Dog. Rebecca Heimann, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) 12 and under 18 Months Dogs.

17 PARAGON'S SUMMITS JINGLE ALL THE WAY , SR71703207 11/13/2011. Breeder: Amy Heuslein and Beth Johnson. By CH Goodtime's Best Case Scenario, CD JH -- GCH Summits Every Fashion Venture. Tim and Angela Hauert and Amy Heuslein . Dog. Christian Rangel, Agent.

19 DOIZAKI-DALANE TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE TOWN , SR73314704 3/30/2012. Breeder: Hisato Doizaki and Jane Jensen. By CH Rush Hill's Haagen Dazs JH CDX AX OAJ -- GCH Dalane Doizaki Buckingham's Pride. Hisato Doizaki and Jane Jensen . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.

21 ICARIAN'S CANNELLONI COWBOY FIND LOVE , SR71062901 10/27/2011. Breeder: A Scott Jenkins and. Ramsey Fadiman By GCH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck At Abelard -- Icarian Picked A Fine Time. Ramsey Fadiman and A Scott Jenkins . Dog. Rebecca Heimann, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

25 SUNBEAM RIVER OF DREAMS , SR70101603 10/20/2011. Breeder: Cathie Turner and Steve and Terah. Mace By CH Sunbeam's Worth The Wait -- Sunbeam's New York Steight of Mind. Joe and Marty Blum and Cathie Turner and Debbie Ramsey. Dog.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) American Bred Dogs.

27 DOIZAKI BUCKINGHAM'S LEGACY , SR67380704 2/10/2011. Breeder: Hisato Doizaki and Jane Jensen. By CH Zia Girgle Mr Moonlight -- GCH Dalane Doizaki Buckingham's Pride. Hisato Doizaki and Jane Jensen . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.

29 EMERY'S THE BEST IS YET TO COME , SR70221702 9/24/2011. Breeder: Brianna Bischoff, Beth Johnson. and Jesus Moreno By CH Goodtimes Best Case Scenario -- CH Summits into the Mystic RN. Brianna Bischoff . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
33 SUNBEAMS LAST OF THE SINGING COWBOYS , SR64667703 9/19/2010. Breeder: Cathie Turner & Terah & Steve. Mace By GCH Sunbeam Your Cheatin' Heart -- Sunbeam NY Steight of Mind. Bonnie & Dan Nerison and Cathie Turner . Dog.
35 WOODLAND THE RIGHT STUFF , SR66604302 1/19/2011. Breeder: Sharon Shilkoff. By CH Rush Hill Run 'N Amuck at Abelard -- CH Woodland Kerry Oakie. Wayne A. Shaphran & Sharon Shilkoff . Dog. Robert Scott, Agent.

37 24KT PUSHING UP DAISIES , SR67320001 4/5/2011. Breeder: Arleen and Tony Jones. and Judi Voss By CH Stonecrest's Super Cruiser -- 24KT Magic Sorcerer's Apprentice. Arleen & Tony Jones & Judi Voss . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.

39 CU CURRAN'S JET UP 'N GOGH , SR66014203 12/7/2010. Breeder: Susan Leese and Marilynn Horsch. By GCH Gangway's SUV -- St Andrew Juneau You Love Me. Diane Cassidy and Susan Leese . Dog. Laurie Jordan Fenner, Agent.
41 DOIZAKI WALKERS ROCK ON , SR67380701 2/10/2011. Breeder: Hisato Doisaki and Jane Jensen. By CH Zia Ginge Mr Moonlight -- GCH Dalane Doizaki Buckingham's Pride. Toyomi Tsumura & Hisato Doizaki & Jane Jensen . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
43 SUNBEAM KAHLUA NOBODY'S FOOL , SR62180701 4/1/2010. Breeder: Tiffany and Shawna Brooks. and Cathie Turner By CH Venture Redog Magic Hat Trick -- Sunbeam Kahlua Pod N Me Boys. Karen and Dan Ribbens and Cathie Turner and Shawna and Tiffany Brooks. Dog.
47 JOVI'S BEARABELLA NOTHING BUT THE FINEST , SR67450605 3/29/2011. Breeder: Helena Lamont. By CH Hytree's Ryd-N-Out The Storm -- Bearabella's Untamed Heart. Vivien Gilli and H. Lamont . Dog. Christian Rangel, Agent.
49 MICIN'S BEST INTENTIONS , SR60554203 12/10/2009. Breeder: Cindy & Jessica Fisher. By CH Majecgold Paydirt To Allsgold -- CH Micin's Skye's The Limit. Stephanie & Katie Holcomb & Sharon Wilson . Dog. Erin Karst-Hooper, Agent.
51 ANNECY SUMMITS CAN'T DRIVE FIFTYFIVE , SR66630911 1/17/2011. Breeder: Beth Johnson, Carrie Noble and. Dave Noble By CH Summits Moving on up -- CH Annecys Summits Theif in the Nite. Dave and Carrie Noble and Beth Johnson . Dog. Christian Rangel, Agent.
53 PREMIERE'S STUDIO54 HE'S GOT THE MOVES LIKE JAGGER , SR70563403 10/4/2011. Breeder: Christine & Lauren Texter &. Candance L. Nee By CH Hytree's Ryd-N-Out the Storm -- Premiere's Magical Moment. Teena & Breanna Uyeno & Christine & Lauren Texter . Dog.

55 MICIN'S BEST FITTING JEANS AT GAZEBO , SR60554202 12/10/2009. Breeder: Cindy Fisher and Jessica Fisher. By Majecgold Paydirt To Alisgold -- Micin's Skye's The Limit. Dianne D Baker . Dog.

57 WOODLAND CASABLANCA , SR66604303 1/19/2011. Breeder: Sharon L Shilkoff. By CH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck at Abelard,AXP AJP NFP -- CH Woodland Kerry Oakie. Leah Ann Thompson . Dog. Loran Morgan, Agent.
59 KAHLUA'S FIELD OF DREAMS , SR57165109 6/9/2009. Breeder: Tiffany and Shawna Brooks. By CH Sunbeams Double Eagle Chester -- Kahlua's Gift From Heaven. Toby and Kathi Jauert and Shawna and Tiffany Brooks and Cathi Turner. Dog.

61 SCOTTS 24K AUREUS 79 , SR66348401 11/9/2010. Breeder: Steve and Joanne Scott. By CH Icarian Oaahu's Yer Daddy -- CH Scotts 24K Genesis Won Won. Mike and Valerie Brennan and Joanne and Steve Scott . Dog. Laurie M. Jordan-Fenner, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

10 24KT SEASONS DON'T STOP BELIEV'N , SR74603801 9/13/2012. Breeder: Judi Voss and Paula Rowan. By GCH Summits Sonny Side Up -- CH Dalane Season Magic Moment. Paula Rowan and Bill Rowan and Judi Voss . Bitch. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

14 SAMBEN SCREAMING THE BLUES , SR74025909 7/16/2012. Breeder: P Trevino, W Lepper. By Ramchaine Magnetic -- Spiritlodge Screamin MeMe. Phillip Trevino . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) 12 and under 18 Months Bitches.

16 AMBERLAKE OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS , SR70990003 11/24/2011. Breeder: Michael Schooley. By Gracious Gids Shadalane Great Gatsby -- Amberlake's Miss Maggie. Leslie Karen Robinson . Bitch.

18 MASTERS FUTURA MIDNIGHT CAPE'RS , SR70994202 12/26/2011. Breeder: owner. By CH Shyan's Let Freedom Ring -- CH Masters Futura U Go, Girl. Jennifer Masterson and Judy Knobbe . Bitch. Laurie M. Jordan-Fenner, Agent.
20 STELLAR'S ROSES R RED , SR72614601 3/17/2012. Breeder: Julia Wolfe and Gael Parks. By CH Verdoro's Christopher Robiin -- Stellar's You've Got A Friend Na NAJ. Julia Wolfe and Gael Parks . Bitch.

22 NALYN'S SHE WALKS THE WALK , SR74509202 3/19/2012. Breeder: Nancy Gratiot and Mark K Gratiot. By Nalyn's Invest in Gold -- CH Nalyn's Castaway Pirates Pasion. Nicole Bihari and Nancy Gratiot . Bitch.

24 CROSSBOW'S HARRIS-TWEED , SR72302101 3/10/2012. Breeder: Sharon M.M. Hanson. By GCH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck At Abelard OA OAJ AxP -- Crossbow's Jump'n Jiminy. Sharon M.M. Hanson . Bitch.

26 TRAILSEND HEART N SOUL@AVALOR , SR71899901 2/15/2012. Breeder: Andrea and Philip Stringer. By GCH Avalor's INXS -- CH Xcelerate Double Your Pleasure. Lori S Reuter . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

28 SUNBEAM'S KARIZMA UPTOWN GIRL , SR70101601 10/20/2011. Breeder: Cathy Turner & Steve & Terah Mace. By CH Sunbeams Worth the Wait -- Sunbeam's New York Steight Of Mind. Cathie and Bill Turner and Charlotte Farmer . Bitch.

32 PREMIERE'S SHE'S NO ILLUSION , SR70563402 10/4/2011. Breeder: C. and L. Texter and C. Nee. By CH Hytree's Ryd-N-Out The Storm -- Premiere Magical Moment. Christine Texter and Lauren Texter . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) American Bred Bitches.

34 BLACKNGOLD'S MY FAVORITE SPICE , SR68609202 6/26/2011. Breeder: Laurie Jordan-Fenner & Larry. Fenner By GCH Gaia Of Yoshida Enterprise -- Gorca's A Bugs Life. Cheyenne & Ed Kruse & S. Beckwith & S Wilson . Bitch.

38 24KT-SEASONS HEY LITTLE COBRA , SR70175304 10/13/2011. Breeder: Judi Voss, Paula Rowan and Jane. Jensen By CH Sunbeam's Cruise Control -- CH Dalane-Season Magic Moment. Paula Rowan and Bill Rowan and Judi Voss . Bitch. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
40 OSPREY'S IT'S ALL ABOUT GLAMOUR , SR64084203 8/18/2010. Breeder: owner. By CH Venture Redog's Magic Hat Trick -- Osprey's Honey I'm Home. Jan Richards and Wendy Hunter . Bitch. Rebecca Heimann, Agent.
42 ANNECY'S SUMMITS PHOEBE ORACLE OF DELPHI , SR6995507 9/1/2011. Breeder: Annecy's Summit. By CH Hytree's Ryd-N-Out The Storm -- CH Annecy's Summits 50 Ways to Leve Your Lover. Michael Jardula and Harvey Stern . Bitch. Robert Scott, Agent.
44 LAURELL HIPNAUTIC KISSME IN THE RAIN JH, RN , SR67028902 3/11/2011. Breeder: Laura Ellisand Thomas C. King. By CH Laurell's Mingel -- Laurell's Who Calls The Cops. Julie Watson . Bitch. Laurie M. Jordan-Fenner, Agent.
46 ICARIAN'S LIVE FROM HOLLYROCK , SR65804201 10/12/2010. Breeder: A. Scott Jenkins. and Ramsey Fadiman By CH Quailwoods Music Man -- Icarian Picked A Fine Time. A. Scott Jenkins and Ramsey Fadiman . Bitch. Laurie Jordan Fenner, Agent.
50 FIVE STAR'S BUST A MOVE , SR65577101 10/11/2010. Breeder: Star Beckwith & Suzanne Wilson. By CH Summit's Bohemian Rhapsody -- Five Star's Garnished Wages. Star Beckwith and Suzanne Wilson . Bitch. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.

52 XCELERATE WHITE LIAR , SR65631103 10/7/2010. Breeder: Brandye Randermann. By GCH Summits the Titanic -- CH Xcelerate Victoria Secret. Judy Inman and Rebecca Helmann and Brandye Randermann. Bitch.
54 EMERY'S IN IT TO WIN IT , SR67012306 1/19/2011. Breeder: Brianna Bischoff & Beth Johnson. By CH Xcelerate Twentyx Stetson -- GCH Summits In To The Mystic, RN. Julie Barber & Jennifer Kipper & Scott Barber . Bitch.

56 DALANE THE PERFORMER , SR63037004 5/20/2010. Breeder: Jane Jensen and Dale Jensen. By CH Plantanoro Topspin N Hot Purshoe-T -- CH Dalane Hayden Claire-Bear. Greg Wilkerson and Jane Jensen . Bitch. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
58 24KT SUNSHINE BELLE , SR67320003 4/5/2011. Breeder: Arleen and Tony Jones and Judi. Voss By CH Stonecrest's Super Cruiser RN, JH -- 24kt Magic Sorcerers Apprentice. Gayle and Jud Cooley and Judi Voss . Bitch. Kathy Grayson, Agent.
62 RIDGEVIEWS CALIFORNIA DREAMIN , SR69623103 8/18/2011. Breeder: Melissa Simpson. By CH Icarian See You In Cooperstown -- CH Quailwood Mornin Breeze. Kim and Robert Wurster and Melissa Simpson . Bitch. Robert Scott, Agent.
64 MATTIACI SOME LIKE IT HOT , SR61530408 1/25/2010. Breeder: Florence Mattice. By CH Mattiaci Aerials In The Sky -- Mattiaci Que Syrah Syrah. Doris & Warren Weber . Bitch. Erin Karst-Hooper, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Best-of-Breed/Variety
63GCH QUAILWOOD OUTTA THE PARK GRAND SLAM , SR64203502 8/27/2010. Breeder: Marjorie RL Blake & Jo Ellen. Piner By CH Icarian See You in Cooperstown -- Quailwood Always A Royal. Pam Kennedy and Marjorie R.L. Blake . Dog. Robert Scott, Agent.
65CH VENTURE'S BOYS N TOYS , SR42759001 4/12/2007. Breeder: Tiffany and Matthew McCray. By CH Happy Hr Highmark Bad News Bears -- CH Karagold's Whistlin N The Wind. Amy Heuslein and Tiffany and Mathew McCrary . Dog. Rebecca Heimann, Agent.

66CH GOLDENHEART'S PRINCESS DIOR , SR36237501 12/15/2005. Breeder: Nicole Bihari. By Dalane's Raising Caine -- Goldenheart's Princess Leliani. Nicole Bihari . Bitch.
67GCH 24KT RIVERWOOD'S ROYAL REBEL , SR61531001 3/28/2010. Breeder: Judi Voss & Paula J. Rowan. & Jane Jensen By CH Gracious Glds Lightning -- CH Dalane-Season Magic Moment. Sheila Mann and Judith J Voss . Dog. Christian Rangel, Agent.
68CH KARAGOLD'S MIRACLE ON ICE , SR61427302 2/9/2010. Breeder: Karen S Brady. By CH Sandpoint Talisman -- Karagold's Secret Agent. Karyn Cecchini and Karen S Brady . Bitch. Erin Karst-Hooper, Agent.
69CH SCOTTS 24K JACK JACKITTY JACK , SR59919902 10/18/2009. Breeder: Steve and Joanne Scott. By CH Quailwood Mountain Odessey -- CH Scotts 24k Genesis Won Won. David Jorden and Michelle Jorden . Dog. Lauren Texter, Agent.
70CH SUNBEAM'S LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED , SR61955601 3/12/2010. Breeder: Cathie Turner and. Allan and Carey Cooper By CH Sunbeam's Private Party -- Karizma Sunbeam Can't Buy Me Mauve. Diane and Dale Waller and Cathie Turner and Alan and Carey Cooper. Bitch.
71GCH TRANCE MISSION JP CUNARD ADVENTURE , SR62514902 5/25/2009. Breeder: Kazumi Kinoshita. By Hytree N'Honor's Mayday Malone -- Honor's Walker Hidden In My Heart. Toyomi Tsumura . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
72GCH REGENCY RAISE THE BET , SR64458501 8/17/2010. Breeder: Victor & Laura Franchi & Jennifer. Taggart & Susan Carpenter By CH Hytree's Ryd-N-0ut The Storm -- CH Regency Roll Of The Dice. Vic & Laura Franchi & Susan Carpenter & Lisa Ballard . Bitch. Laurie M. Jordan-Fenner, Agent.

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