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PHARAOH HOUNDS VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES 7 years and under 10 years Dogs.

21GCH DC NEFER TEMU SAMBALISTIC SC RA NA , HP17921201 5/30/2005. Breeder: E Kerridge. and Pam Haig By DCH Sovrins I Can See For Miles SC -- DCH Shema's Mia Sizzling Samba SC RA. A Symons and E Kerridge . Dog.

31DCH NAHA ATOMIC BLOND REVIVAL RN MC MJP AXP NFP CGC HIC VCX LCM , HP24055805 12/13/2006. Breeder: Carmen Davis. By DCH Lileo's Twilight Of The Gods SC -- DCH Naha Glory In Elfhame SC OA NAJ. Darci and Matt Kunard and Carmen Davis . Dog.
33DCH HALLAM-CHURUKA'S LIMITED EDITION MC LCX , HP15703009 6/11/2005. Breeder: D Carota, S Sipperly, L Witt,. and N Sowerbutts By DCH Faao's Anubis Ramses -- CH Mia-Churuka Unchained Melody. Stephen Sipperly and Marlene Youell, Robert Newman and Dominic C. Dog.

35GCH DCH BIJA SPRINGDDOWN AT WORLD'S END SC , HP25471901 3/6/2007. Breeder: owner. By DCH Springdown Smashing Pumpkin SC -- CH Bija On Eagle's Wings JC. Margaret. Worth Donald C. Delmore . Dog.

45GCH NEFER-TEMU NEVER SAY NEVER RN SC, HP24327001 11/19/2006. Breeder: Emily and Sarah Kerridge. By CH NEFER-TEMU Mia Sambasonic -- CH NEFER-TEMU Midori. Michelle Carrillo & Emily Kerridge . Dog.
PHARAOH HOUNDS VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES 7 years and under 10 years Bitches.

36DCH SENDJI NEFER-TEMU JUPITER-IO MC , HP26703703 7/25/2007. Breeder: Cynthia Guinn, Emily Kerridge. and William Martin By CH Jomara's Mystic Tuthmosis RA -- DCH Nefer-Temu Mia Samba Del Luna MC LCX2. Cynthia Guinn and William Martin . Bitch.

42DCH CHARMEDWONS PHLASH OF BLING OA OAJ RA SC FCH , HP17958605 8/25/2005. Breeder: Julie Gwin and Judy Rucker. By CH Antefas Mnas Tirith -- DCH Sunwinds Sovrin Scheherazade SC RN FCH. Brianna Kemerer . Bitch.
62GCH DC GALADRIAL'S AURORA RED DU CIEL MC RA BN CGC , HP29885702 4/7/2008. Breeder: Sheila Hoffman & Elizabeth. Richardson By CH Farao Anubis Apollo of Lileo -- CH Galadrial's Southern Comfort. Shawna Swanson and Sheila Hoffman . Bitch.

64GCH DC NEFER-TEMU SAMBANDREA MC LCX RE , HP17921205 5/30/2005. Breeder: owner. By DCH Sovrin I Can See For Miles SC -- DCH Shema's Mia Sizzling Samba SC RA. Emily Kerridge . Bitch.
PHARAOH HOUNDS VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES 10 years and under 12 years Bitches.

32DCH LILEO'S THE PIRANHA CLUB RN CGC SC, HP11883905 8/9/2004. Breeder: Jayme Jones. By DCH Springdown Smashing Pumpkin -- DCH Lileo Violetta Dela Traviata. William and Janet Christman and Jayme Jones . Bitch.

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