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SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER)Judge: Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus
5 CARAN'S COSMIC WANDERER , SR75924501 12/19/2012. Breeder: Jan Racey and Carrie Racey. and Gail Walston By GCH Caran's Days of Future Passed CD OA OAJ -- GCH Stardom's Random Heart NA NAJ. Jan Racey and Carrie Racey . Dog.

7 STARDOM'S COWBOYS AND ANGELS , SR73090303 5/13/2012. Breeder: owner. By CH Stardom's Kiss This -- Stardom's Lips of an Angel. Gail Walston . Dog.
9 CASHMERE'S LAST TANGO IN PARIS , SR65835303 12/1/2010. Breeder: Amy Nagel. By CH Elite's Seadog Livin on the edge -- All-Time's Cashmere and Mink. Amy Nagel . Dog.

11 RAMBLEWOODS ROCK THIS COUNTRY , SR76950504 3/4/2013. Breeder: Linda Reidal. and Judyanne Hawke By CH Ramblewood Sharp Dressed Man -- GCH Ramblewood Luck Be A Lady. Patrick L Erhart . Dog.

15 GOLD CAMP'S THE ROYAL JAMES , SR68897403 7/18/2011. Breeder: Lynda O'Connor-Schneider. By GCH Otens Cap'N Jack Sparrow -- Gold Camp Reba Blackattire. Sandra James . Dog.

17 RAMBLEWOOD MAGIC CARPET RIDE , SR74117006 8/23/2012. Breeder: Kelly Liedtke, Linda Riedel. and Pamela Holt By GCH Wil-Orion's Twenty Twenty -- CH Ramblewood Because of You RN. Linda Riedel & Pamela Holt . Dog. Laurie M. Jordan-Fenner, Agent.

19 CHESNEY'S PARK AVENUE , SR53439801 11/28/2008. Breeder: Karene and Scott Woods. By CH Chesney's One and Only -- Chesney's Peg O' My Heart. Karene & Scott Woods . Dog. Kathy Grayson, Agent.
SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 BELLAMY ASHWYN DIRTY DANCING , SR80710705 1/1/2014. Breeder: Hillary Arnaud. and Jacquie Dean By CH Telltale Play White -- Ashwyn's Mama Mia!. Hillary Arnaud and Kirstyn Fountain . Bitch.
SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) 12 and under 18 Months Bitches.

8 SHERMADE'S FIRST LADY OF JAZZ , SR79143801 6/14/2013. Breeder: Gay Bunnell and Everett Van Dyken. By CH Shermade's Downtown Brown -- Crossriver Voltera. Diane Sherbourne and Gay Bunnell . Bitch. Julie Kay, Agent.
SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

10 SERENDIPITY SILVERHILL'S BOTTOM'S UP , SR74423005 7/31/2012. Breeder: Amy Montoya and Emily Montoya. By GCH Silverhill Stick em up -- Hil'N-Don N Canyonwood Some Gave All. Amy Montoya and Emily Montoya & Jayne Crouch . Bitch.

12 STARDOM'S COUNTRY STRONG , SR64474701 8/27/2010. Breeder: Gail Walston. By CH Stardom's What About Brian -- Stardom's Holy Terror. Gail Walston . Bitch.
18 CHESNEY'S HARVEST MOON , SR59912602 10/27/2009. Breeder: Karene and Scott Woods. By CH Chesney's One and Only -- Chesney's Bewitching. Karene & Scott Woods . Bitch.

20 WESTSHORE'S PINCH ME I'M DREAMING , SR72363204 4/9/2012. Breeder: Mary Jo Nortman and Gerald Ryser. By GCH Winamere N GoldCamp Simply "D" Best -- CH WestShore Black Orchid. Gerald & Jean Ryser . Bitch. Lynda O'Connor-Schneider, Agent.

24 ASHWYN'S MOMMA MIA! , SR58990601 9/20/2009. Breeder: Jacquie Dean & Arlene Hannegan. By CH Designer's Jameson -- CH Ashwyn's Aspen Kensington Esprit. Jeacquie Dean and Hillary Wambaugh . Bitch.

26 SILVERHILL PINK CATILLAC , SR74367406 6/30/2012. Breeder: Julie B Kay. and Ruth Kirby By CH Silverhill Stray Cat Strut -- CH Silverhill Petal To The Metal. Carrie Racey . Bitch.
21GCH CARAN'S DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED CD,OA,OAJ , SR27618101 6/26/2005. Breeder: Carrie Racey & Kathy Grayson. By CH Dignity's Reckless Kelly -- CH Dignity's Instant Kharma. Carrie Racey . Dog.
SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Bitches.
28GCH SEA DOG GIRL IN THE CURL , SR39284501 11/16/2006. Breeder: Rhonda Groves and Julie Kay. By CH Carousel Silverhill Ante Up -- CH Silverhill Sea Dog Surf's Up. Rhonda Groves and Julie Kay . Bitch.
23GCH FOXBORO N SHARDUST AUTHENTIC , SR64238110 8/20/2010. Breeder: Susan Still. By CH Felicity's Rendition Guardian Angel -- CH Foxboo Lighten Up. Ellen Charles & Sharleen Perreira & Susan Still & Ruth Dehmel. Dog. Lynda O'Connor-Schneider, Agent.
25GCH STONEHENGE SEA DOG BUILT TOUGH BN , SR65799901 11/28/2010. Breeder: Owners. By GCH Otein's Tommy Bahama -- CH Stonehenge Catch A Wave. Greta Dalrymple & Rhonda Groves . Dog. Julie Kay, Agent.
30GCH SILVERHILL ELECTRIC LULLABY , SR68200705 4/6/2011. Breeder: owner. By CH Dalin's Just Do It -- CH Silverhill The Bad Girl Blues. Eva Erika Scanlan and Julie Kay and Ruth Kirby . Bitch.
32CH STARDOM'S FEARLESS , SR63531401 6/22/2010. Breeder: Gail Walston. By Dignity's Man in Black -- Stardomís Class of Dignity. Gail Walston . Bitch.

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