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Santa Barbara Kennel Club, Inc.


DALMATIANSJudge: Mr. Glen Lajeski
DALMATIANS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 NSPIRD WHO HAS TOUCHED THE SKY , NP48743504 12/20/2017. Breeder: owner. By CH Tuckaway Winged Foot -- Nspird Some Like It Spot. Susan Wynn & Cecilia Forbes & Carrie Jordan & Walt Freshour. Dog.
DALMATIANS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.
7 RIVERVIEW'S N XANADU'S MIRACLE ON THE HUDSON , NP46775602 7/16/2017. Breeder: Tracy and Robert Rossello. and Dennis Sanders By GCH Spothaven's Fenway Back -- GCH Fyrehouse n Riverview's Abigal's Love. Vicki Arce and Katie and Ray Arce and Tracy Rossello. Dog.
9 FYREHOUSE N XANADU'S FINNEGAN , NP46619202 6/20/2017. Breeder: Eleanor Green Winters and. Dennis Sanders By CH Daisydot Checkered Flag -- Fyrehouse Betty Davis Eyes. John Maness and Dennis Sanders and Tracy Rossello. Dog.
DALMATIANS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

15 ALPINE TAHOE BLUE , NP43591202 8/7/2016. Breeder: Steve and Sharley Larsen. By CH Anticipation Acceleration -- Anticipation Centurion Alpine Mist. Steve and Shirley Larsen . Dog.
DALMATIANS Open Black Spotted Dogs.

17 DRIFTWOOD SPOTS A MINION , NP38038104 9/3/2014. Breeder: Kathryn L Blink. By CH Drifftwood I AM One Good Egg -- CH Driftwood Despicable Me BN RN CAA. Peter Hartzman and Karolyn K Hartzman . Dog. Conor McFadden, Agent.
DALMATIANS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 NSPIRD FEROCIOUS FRANKIE , NP48743502 12/20/2017. Breeder: Owners. By CH Tuckaway Winged Foot -- GCH Nspird Some Like It Spot. Susan Wynn & Cecilia Forbes & Carrie Jordan & Walt Freshour. Bitch.
8 SUMMIT N DALS ALLEY RAYNE OF DRAGONSTONE , NP49194202 1/22/2018. Breeder: Rebecca Montgomery & Carey. Moreschini By Cimarron Yonder Mountain Racer -- GCH Summit's Made In The Shade. Debra A Bennett . Bitch.
10 TRAMAC ALL FIRED UP , NP50442803 2/5/2018. Breeder: James W Smith & M A Callea. By CH Tramac Trapped In Mystic -- GCH Tramac Just Waltzing On Sunbeams. Jennifer Nowell & Gregory Nowell & James Nowell . Bitch.
DALMATIANS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

14 NSPIRD ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING , NP43711205 8/28/2016. Breeder: C. Jordan and W. Freshour. and S.Wahl By CH NspirD With A Cherry On top -- CH NspirD Wild Irish Rose. Carrie Jordan and W.Freshour and S. Wahl . Bitch.
DALMATIANS Open Black Spotted Bitches.

16 ANTICIPATION CENTURION ALPINE MIST , NP28914904 4/15/2011. Breeder: Donna Truitt, Elaine Lindhorst,. Laura Carpenter By GCH Royalty's Taylormade Call Me Sir -- CH Eclipse The Oaks Insignia. Steve and Shirley Larsen . Bitch.
DALMATIANS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Dogs.

21GCHP KASTLE'S GO SPEED RACER , NP20121002 6/4/2008. Breeder: M Knight and Mary Squire. By GCH Hallmark Lincoln Lego -- GCH Kastle's In your Dreams. Mary Squire . Dog. Stephen Cabral, Agent.
DALMATIANS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Bitches.
18CH CHECKERBOARD N XANADU'S SYDNEY , NP25353703 2/25/2010. Breeder: Patrick Easton. and Carrie Jordan By GCH Nspird Hollywood Legend -- Checkerboard Nspird Xena. Patrick Easton and Dennis Sanders . Bitch. Kendall D Levan, Agent.
DALMATIANS Best-of-Breed/Variety
19 NSPIRD DREAM WEAVER HI-JINX , NP42335701 3/11/2016. Breeder: Carrie Jordan, Walt Freshour. and Suzi Wahl By CH NspirD With A Cherry On Top -- CH NspirD Wild Irish Rose. Carrie Jordan and Walter Freshour and Suzi Wahl and Jose Alas. Dog.
20CH SPOTHAVEN BOSTON AMERICAN LEGEND NUMBER 9 , NP40837801 8/7/2015. Breeder: Connie and Lauren Bron. and Gene and Susi Baker By GCH Bayside's Good Fortune -- CH Spothaven Truly Scrumptious. Gene and Susi Baker and Connie Brown . Bitch.
22CH MATCHLESS N SPOTHAVEN STARS ALIGN , NP48108501 10/28/2017. Breeder: Jan Warren Linne. and Alan Linne By CH Matchless N Folklore Got The Right Stuff -- CH Matchless Folklore Snapshot In Black N White. Connie & Lauren Brown . Bitch.
23GCHB FYREHOUSE N RIVERVIEW'S INDEPENDENCE DAY , NP40238303 7/4/2015. Breeder: Eleanor Green Winters. and Dennis Sanders By CH Xanadu N Rockledge's Ollie -- CH Fyrehouse Phoebe N Xanadu. Debra A Bennett . Dog.
24CH FYREHOUSE N XANADU'S FANCY CGC , NP42638411 3/4/2016. Breeder: Eleanor Winters & Dennis Sanders. By CH Xanadu and Rockledge's Ollie -- CH Fyrehouse Phoebe N Xanadu. Stacy Foster Henderson . Bitch.
25GCHB NSPIRD SPOTS-A-FIRE UNSCRIPTED , NP34754201 7/7/2013. Breeder: Carrie Jordan and Teresa Bailey. By GCH Nspird SpotsAFire It's A Wrap -- Nspird Candy Corn. Susan and Mark Wynn and Carrie Jordan and Walt Freshour. Dog. Martin Cabral, Agent.
26GCH NSPIRD SOME LIKE IT SPOT , NP35278904 9/14/2013. Breeder: Cecilia & John Forbes & Carrie. Jordan By Nspird Carrying On The Legend -- Nspird Bombshell. Susan Wynn & Cecilia Forbes & Carrie Jordan & Walt Freshour. Bitch.
27CH NSPIRD RAISN A FEW EYEBROWS , NP43711206 8/28/2016. Breeder: owner. By CH NspirD With A Cherry On Top -- CH NspirD Wild Irish Rose. Carrie Jordan and W.Freshour and S. Wahl . Dog.
29CH SPOTLIGHT'S WHERE WE LEFT OFF FOR AMETHYST , NP40633204 6/28/2015. Breeder: Connie Wagner. and Jennifer Johnson By GCH Enchanted Hart Down N Dirty -- GCH Spotlight Salutation BN RA OA OAJ CGC. Cassidy Jackson, DVM and Maggie Jackson . Dog. Bruce Schultz, Agent.
31CH NSPIRD ON THE MARK , NP42335702 3/11/2016. Breeder: C. Jordan & W. Freshaur. & S. Wahi By CH Nspir D With A Cherry On The Top -- CH Nspir D Wild Irish Rose. Eric Peterson & Eileen Drake & C. Jordan . Dog. Loran Morgan, Agent.
33CH CHECKERBOARD N XANADU'S BRUMBY , NP38501406 11/12/2014. Breeder: Patrick Easton and. Dennis Sanders By Rockledge's High Roller N Xanadu -- CH Checkerboard N Xanadu's Sydney. Kendall DeMatteo Levan . Dog.

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