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Santa Barbara Kennel Club, Inc.


BULLMASTIFFSJudge: Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman
BULLMASTIFFS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.
7 SHOWGIRLS P-51 MUSTANG , WS57198601 4/4/2017. Breeder: Lida Stowe. By GCHG Showgirls Mudgee Jones -- GCH Marconian Ridgetop's Calamiti Jones. Magan Peake . Dog.
BULLMASTIFFS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
15 SHOWGIRL'S FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK! , WS58124601 8/21/2017. Breeder: Linda Stowe. By Jenkins and Showgirl's King Of Rome -- GCH Showgirl's Kalizi Jones. Linda Stowe and Jacquiline Stowe . Dog.
BULLMASTIFFS Open Brindle Dogs.

9 TAURALAN HARRY TAVISH , WS53820801 3/17/2016. Breeder: Owner. By Ardhuv Im Back With Black -- CH Tauralan Truly Spellbound. Carol H. Beans . Dog. Stephen Cabral, Agent.
BULLMASTIFFS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.
6 SKY HIGH BULLMASTIFF CALL SIGN CHARLIE , WS58479201 9/18/2017. Breeder: Kristin Estrada. By GCH Desert Winds Big Red This Life Is For You -- Quail Haven's Kahlua's N Cream. Kristin Estrada . Bitch.
BULLMASTIFFS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

8 SKY HIGH'S FLIGHT OF AMELIA EARHART , WS59075402 11/15/2017. Breeder: owner. By GCHG Showgirls Mudgee Jones -- Quail Havbens Victoree Over Fear. Magan Peake . Bitch.
BULLMASTIFFS Open Brindle Bitches.
12 MAESTRA'S HEAVENLY ZOEY , WS55484609 11/18/2016. Breeder: Linda McDonald. By Desert Winds Big Red This Is The LIfe -- Maestra's Uzuri Ambrosia. Linda Mooney & Tyler Windham . Bitch.
BULLMASTIFFS Best-of-Breed/Variety

10CH SHOWGIRL'S TINY DANCER , WS53812103 4/12/2016. Breeder: Linda Joy Stowe. By GCHB Marconian'n Ridgetop's Thunder Road -- GCH Showgirl's Kalizi Jones. Linda Stowe and Jacquiline Stowe . Bitch.
11CH MAESTRA'S N DESERT WINDS BATTLE OF THE HEROES , WS55484601 11/18/2016. Breeder: Linda McDonald. By GCH Desert Winds Big Red This Life Is For You CGC -- GCH Maestra's Uzuri Ambrosia. Perla Villanueva and Doug Plemel . Dog. Nicole Riesgo, Agent.
16GCH JENKINS QUEEN NALA OF THE PRIDE , WS54605604 7/3/2016. Breeder: Julie Jenkins. By GCHG Banstock N Highpoint New Day Bruin At Kimo -- CH City Of Angel. Vitia Villegas and Julie Jenkins . Bitch.
20CH MARCONIAN N RIDGETOP'S CALAMITI JONES , WS48101905 8/5/2014. Breeder: Galina Dittman and Meril P Taylor. By GCH Marconian N Ridgetop's Thunder Road -- CH Leatherneck N Marconian Talk of the Town. Linda Stowe . Bitch. Shane Hooper, Agent.

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