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FRENCH BULLDOGSJudge: Mr. Stephen J. Hubbell
FRENCH BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

7 DYRA'S LES YEUX DE PARIS , NP30588001 12/4/2011. Breeder: Ray and Dyana Howard. By CH Kermit The Frog Dog -- Maloma's French Connection. Ray Howard and Dyana Howard . Dog.
9 KICKING BEARS HUNKA HUNKA BURN N LUV , NP30334601 9/20/2011. Breeder: Clella Lincoln & Lisa Kendrick. By Kicking Bears Fight Fire W Fire -- Kicking Bears Alaskan Recoop. Clella Lincoln and Lisa Kendrick . Dog.

11 JAGUAR'S MANIX DELL AKINI ARGUZ CAN , NP32805101 8/22/2012. Breeder: Luca Carbone. By CH Hubbot De La Parure -- Jaguar's Wawona. Luca Carbone and Cejardin Vohuu . Dog. Curtiss G. Smith, Agent.

17 FOX CANYON IMPERIALE'S CEELO GREEN , NP31959304 4/20/2012. Breeder: Dean and Mike Doty, Sandy Fox,. and Juanita Imperiale By CH Imperiale's Tom Hanks Dejavu -- GCH Imperiale Fox Canyon Hattie McDaniel. Dean and Mike Doty and S Fox and J Imperiale. Dog.

19 DEGARE BRILLANTS BOULES , NP29222302 1/14/2011. Breeder: Marta Zsoter. By Kondorvolgyi Faust -- Carpe Bull Inkas Luckygirl Dea I'vue. Dana Rosen . Dog. Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Agent.
21 FOX CANYON IMPERIAL'S NICK CANNON , NP31959303 4/20/2012. Breeder: Sandy & Fred Fox & Juanita. Imperiale & Ann Cisco By CH Imperiales Tom Hanks Dejavu -- GCH Imperiale Fox Canyon Hattie McDaniel. Mike Taylor & Sandy Fox & Juanita Imperiale . Dog.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

8 LISA'S LIL' LOLA , NP34173103 3/18/2013. Breeder: Denise Mekkelsen. By Kentucky Sorghum -- Mekkelsen's Honey. Lisa McNurlin . Bitch.

10 KICKING BEARS GOT SOME SPLANIN TO DO , NP33903305 2/26/2013. Breeder: Tina Pogue. By Shadow Chaser's Red Thunder -- Kicking Bears Chasing Diamonds. Clella Lincoln and Lisa Kendrick . Bitch.

30 MEGAN DU SOURIRE DOUX , NP34880702 3/16/2013. Breeder: Johannus Cremers-Bekker. By A'Vigdors Faites-Moi Heureux RKF -- Kilian Du Spourire Doux Losh. Peggy Golden . Bitch.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
12 FOX CANYON IMPERIALE DYNASTY'S PEARL BAILEY , NP31959302 4/20/2012. Breeder: Sandy and Fred Fox and Juanita. Imperiale and Ann Ciesco By CH Imperiale's Tom Hanks De Javu -- GCH Imperiale Fox Canyon Hattie McDaniel. Ann Ciesco and Sandy Fox and Juanita Imperiale. Bitch.

14 DORIANE BRILLANTS BOULES , NP29222301 1/14/2011. Breeder: Marta Zsoter. By Kondorvolgyi Faust -- Carpe Bull Luckygirl Dea I'vue. Bill Raffio . Bitch. Valerie Atkinson, Agent.

16 LEBULL'S DESERT- DIVA-TUDE , NP24797802 9/23/2009. Breeder: Arlie Amarie Alford. and Alexandra Geremia By CH LeBull's Fargo -- CH Suirac's Flying Piper at LeBull. Debra E Ingalsbe . Bitch.
18 HOLMES PRIDE HELLO FROM PARIS , NP32035103 6/18/2012. Breeder: Kamila and Gabriel Holmes. By CH Tres Beau LeBull's Son Of Fargo -- Holmes Pride LuLu De La Harput. Kamila and Gabriel Holmes . Bitch. Alvin Lee, Jr., Agent.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Best-of-Breed/Variety
23CH ELTORRO BELLA RIDGE IMPERIALE'S EDITION DE FAON , NP30778001 9/29/2011. Breeder: Linda Maingot and Jill Neidig and. Juanita Imperiale By CH Eltorro's Imperiale Shady Harbor Le Capitaine -- CH Eltorro Bella Ridge Bijoux Et Lacet. Ann Ciesco and Linda Maingot . Dog.
24CH BAYOU RIDGE HILSMAN'S COCO BEAN AT HOMEWOOD , NP34060404 10/24/2012. Breeder: William Pohlman. and Kenneth Sumner By Hilsman Bayou Ridge Bruiser -- Hilsman's Hyacinth Bean. David Berrey Roxanne Hisman & Rex Linn . Bitch. Alvin Lee, Jr., Agent.
25CH IMAGINE GOLDEN'S FRENCH GENTLEMAN , NP30421801 11/10/2011. Breeder: Carol Johnson. By Kicking Bear's Fire N Brimstone -- Imagine's Dear Prudence. Peggy Golden and Carol Johnson . Dog.
27GCH LEBULL'S EL MOROCCO AT LECIRQUE , NP28453001 10/18/2010. Breeder: Arlie Alford and Alexandra. Geremia By CH LeBull's Moondoggie -- CH Suriac's Flying Piper at LeBull. Alexandra Geremia . Dog. Jenny Wornall-Rangel, Agent.

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