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NEWFOUNDLANDSJudge: Mr. Henry (hank) J. Williams
NEWFOUNDLANDS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

5 OCEANO DARBYDALE'S EXECUTIVE DECISION , WS43873601 5/13/2013. Breeder: Monica Perusquin. and GiGi Griffith By CH Centurion Of Oceano E Acqua Terra -- CH DarbyDale Because I'm Sweet Enough At Oceano. Kathleen Wortham . Dog. Kim Griffith, Agent.
NEWFOUNDLANDS 12 and under 18 Months Dogs.

7 ARCHIBALD THE FIRST SAINT JOHN'S TREASURE , WS44058301 1/25/2013. Breeder: Nikola Mouckova. By Thickish Newfoundland Oliver Stone -- Calambeta Eref. Linda and Ken McConathy . Dog. Kristin Coronado, Agent.

9 AVALON BEY'S PRINCE WILLIAM , WS42981804 12/31/2012. Breeder: Laura Rader. By GCH Cypress Bay JL Snazzy Story At Avalon Bay -- CH Avalon Bey's The Tide is High. Phil Hirsch and Jane Hirsch, Laura Rader . Dog. Kim Griffith, Agent.

11 TOPMAST'S BUCYK , WS40608101 10/27/2011. Breeder: Topmast Kennel. By Topmast's Johnny Be Good -- Topmast's Suzanne. Mark Banda . Dog.
15 BROOKSIDE'S HOT TOPIC AT ONYXBAY , WS38455402 6/24/2011. Breeder: Rebecca J Super. and Ginny Graham By CH Honeylane's Highlight -- CH Brookside's Head Over Heals. Theresa Weber and Rebecca J Super and Robert Helland. Dog.
19 HOMEPORT PRIDE OF THE GREAT MOHEGAN , WS35070403 7/13/2010. Breeder: Joan Swanson Hamilton & Wayne. Hamilton By Topmast's Springhaven Judd -- CH Springhaven's Heart Of Callista. Christina Cameron and Ian Cunningham . Dog. Ric Plaut, Agent.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 SUNVALLEY'S WHIRLWIND AT TRINITY COVE , WS45145801 8/18/2013. Breeder: Lou Ann Lenner. By GCH Sunvalley's its as Simple as ABC -- Sun Valleys Miss Congeniality. Cece Guyatt and Lou Ann Lenner . Bitch.
NEWFOUNDLANDS 12 and under 18 Months Bitches.

8 POSEIDON GRACES TEMPEST O'LANIKAI , WS43009302 12/10/2012. Breeder: Kerry A. & Craig Dennis. By GCH Tempest's Forecaster O'Lanikai RN -- GCH Goldcoast Madison Ave Uptown Girl. Deborah and Todd Bridge and Steven and Dejah Petsch . Bitch.

10 TRINITY COVE'S FOREIGN AFFAIR , WS43861802 2/22/2013. Breeder: CeCe Guyatt & Marie-Pierre. Delaunay' By CH Council Cup's Star Of Kodiak Acres, RN -- CH Glamorous Georgia De L'Iliade Et L'Odyssee. CeCe Guyatt . Bitch.

12 MTN HIGH ASPEN FOR CAPRICCIO , WS35949608 11/4/2010. Breeder: Peggy Lange and GiGi Griffith. By GCH Fairweather's Keepsake AT Darbydale -- CH MTN High Oceano Altitude With Attitude. Pamela Rubio and Peggy Lange . Bitch. Theresa Weber, Agent.
14 TEMPEST OVER THE RAINBOW POUCH COVE , WS39570208 10/2/2011. Breeder: Dejah T Petsch and Steve Petsch. and Peggy Helming By CH Pouch Cove Bowater After Dark -- CH Tempest's Right On The Money Pouch Cove. Barbara Jenness Denise Hatakeyama . Bitch. Kristin Coronado, Agent.
30 BROOKSIDE'S SHE SUITS HERSELF AT ONYXBAY , WS38455401 6/24/2011. Breeder: Rebecca Super and Ginny Graham. By CH Honey Lanes Highlight -- CH Brookside's Head Over Heels. Jacqueline Helland and Rebecca Super and Theresa Weber. Bitch.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Best-of-Breed/Variety
16GCH WINDHAVEN'S SAY MY NAME , WS31312102 6/2/2009. Breeder: Laura VanderVen. By CH Skippers Eminence King of Helluland -- CH Windhaven's Foxxy Cleopatra. Michelle Alpern & Laura VandeVen & Denise Hatakeyama. Bitch.
18GCH GOLDCOAST MADISON AVE UPTOWN GIRL , WS28515101 10/25/2008. Breeder: Janet and Jerry Cohen. By CH Seabrook's Best Man at Pouch Cove -- Gold Coast Tia at Bee creek. Kerry and Craig Dennis . Bitch.
20CH MOONCUSSER ISLAND PARADISE MOOREA , WS38956706 9/14/2011. Breeder: Suzanne Jones. By CH Mooncusser Sails With the Tide -- CH Mooncusser Swinging the Lamp. Rene Romeo . Bitch. Kim Griffith, Agent.
21CH DARBYDALE'S THE JOURNEY CONTINUES , WS38704401 5/20/2011. Breeder: Carol Bernard-Bergmann. By CH Darbydale's All That and More -- CH Darbydale's Girl Talk. Lynn Kitch & Kathy Kemp . Dog.

22CH DARBYDALE'S BECAUSE I'M SWEET ENOUGH AT OCEANO , WS38704402 5/20/2011. Breeder: Carol Bergmann. By CH DArbydale's All That and More -- CH Darbydale's Girl Talk. Gigi Griffith & Carol Bergmann . Bitch. Kim Griffith, PHA, Agent.
23GCH AUKAI KEEP THE STOKE , WS27448701 8/21/2008. Breeder: Cherrie A Brown. By CH Castanewf's Shaken Not Stirred CD RN -- Southwind's Pouch Cove Symphony. Ginger Gomez Cherrie Brown . Dog. Kristin N. Coronado, Agent.
24GCH TEMPEST'S FIRST LADY O'LANIKAI , WS34757001 6/5/2010. Breeder: Dejay Petsch and Steven Petsch. and Betty McDonnell By CH Pouch Cove's Head of State -- CH Tempest's Kilyka Surely You Jest. Deborah Bridge and Todd Bridge and Steven Petsch. Bitch. Elizabeth Jordan-Nelson, Agent.
25GCH LEGACY'S SIR LUCAN OF CAMELOT , WS27620601 6/2/2008. Breeder: Linda Morley-Roser. & Betty McDonnell By CH Kilyka's Fireside Black Fire CD -- CH Kilyka's Legacy KendraTempest. Vu Nguyen & Greg Dotzman & Linda Morley-Roser. Dog.
26CH GOLDCOAST'S COMING TO AMERICA , WS37409908 3/4/2011. Breeder: Janet Cohen and Dagmar Velcicka. By CH Pouch Cove's Head of State -- CH Mississippi-Misouri Ges Midnight Lady. Janet Cohen . Bitch.
27CH SEACREST"S I'M NOT WHAT YOU THINK , WS37956702 6/4/2011. Breeder: Danielle and Debra Nelson. By GCH Top Shelf's El Presidente -- CH Fairweather's National Treasure. Joyce Taylor Debra Nelson & Danielle Nelson . Dog. Elizabeth Jordan-Nelson, Agent.
28 MTN HIGH CALYPSO , WS39336601 11/10/2011. Breeder: Peggy Lange and Gigi Griffith. By CH Kilyka's Fireside Black Fire -- GCH Mtn High Ocean Altitude With Attitude. Peggy Lange and Lynn Kitch . Bitch.

29GCH LIFEGUARD'S BALTHAZAR , WS26017515 2/22/2008. Breeder: Anita Reinisch, C Miller &. D and P Moyers By CH Lifeguard's Chief -- Victoria De La Terre Aux Loups. Liliya Didich . Dog.

31GCH HEARTSEASE KING OF THEJUNGLE , WS36977801 5/27/2009. Breeder: M Joan Casler. By CH Threepond's Play It Again -- Topmast's Lucy Maud Montgomery. M Joan Casley and Lynne Anderson . Dog. David Bullet, Agent.

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