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AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

7 TRILOGOY'S ACT OF VALOR , DN39229103 4/11/2014. Breeder: Michael and Krystal McGuire. By CH Iron Rose Calais Carolina Doubloon PT -- CH Trilogy's Licensed To Chill CGC. Savannah Perry and Michael McGuire and Krystal McGuire. Dog.
AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 PEPPERED ACRES ALL THAT JAZZ , DN38674001 11/21/2013. Breeder: Madelyn Ruble & Alan McCorkle. By CH Heatherhill Point Taken -- GCH Heatherhill Dazzle Park Lane. Madelyn Ruble . Dog.

11 OPALAUSSIE HEART THORB , DN41579101 8/12/2012. Breeder: David Baggs. By Bailwick Hey Big Spender -- OpalAussie Ellwen Fantasia. Adam J Tavares, III . Dog.
15 GAITWAY'S HUNTIN BIG DREAMS , DN35468501 8/26/2012. Breeder: Bonnie Hong and Maureen Ames. By Heatherhill's Macho Man -- CH Heatherhill Dazzle Ready or Not. Bonnie Hong and Maureen Ames . Dog.

17 HEATHERHILL BLACK MAGIC , DN36621404 4/29/2013. Breeder: Denise Onstott and Alan McCorkle. By Stonepine Stone Temple -- CH Heatherhill Summer Daze. Denise Onstott and Alan McCorkle . Dog.
19 WYNDSTAR'S DEEP UNDERCOVER , DN33458901 2/28/2012. Breeder: Kerry Kirtley. By GCH Harmony Hill's Money Talks -- Wyndstar Saleen. Scott Marshall . Dog.

21 WOODSTOCK'S WILD CARD , DN36314705 4/17/2013. Breeder: Patricia Parker. By GCH Woodstock's Jesse James -- Eaglecrest's Touch of Charm. Linda Buell . Dog. Megan Hoff, Agent.
AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 MEDALIONS SOLAR FLARE , DN41576705 7/23/2014. Breeder: Sharon Pollard. By CH Medalions Paying With Fire -- Medalions R Ewe Wearing Chanel. Sharon L Pollard & Katherine M Brooks . Bitch.

8 GAITWAY'S DRESSED IN STYLE , DN40326803 7/24/2014. Breeder: Bonnie Honig and Maureen Ames. By GCH Copper Hills No Reservations -- GCH Gaitways Better Than Revenge. John and Joan Goularte . Bitch. Elizabeth Jordan-Nelson, Agent.

10 GAITWAY'S ALL - WAYS IN STYLE , DN40326804 7/24/2014. Breeder: Bonnie Hong and Maureen Ames. By GCH Copper Hills No Reservations -- GCH Gaitways Better Than Revenge. Bonnie Hon and Maureen Ames . Bitch.
AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

14 PEPPERED ACRES RAZZLE DAZZLE EM , DN38674002 11/21/2013. Breeder: Madelyn Ruble. and Alan McCorkle By CH Heatherhill Point Taken -- Heatherhill Dazzle Park Lane. Denise Onstott and Madelyn Ruble . Bitch.
AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
16 LIMELITE'S SHOPAHOLIC , DN36396001 3/24/2013. Breeder: Adam Travares III & Besty Atkinso. & Mary Detor By GCH Wind Sprint Great Messenger -- GCH Heartside Shopping spree. Adam J Travares III . Bitch.

18 SIERRAROSE TWIST OF FATE , DN36578605 5/2/2013. Breeder: Owners. By GCH Blue Isle's Bouree -- CH Sierrarose Cinnamon Twist. DiAnna L Williams and Bayley Williams . Bitch.

20 HEATHERHILL ABRACADABRA , DN36621403 4/29/2013. Breeder: Denise Onstott and Alan McCorkle. By Stonepine Stone Temple -- CH Heatherhill Summer Daze. Denise Onstott and Madelyn Ruble . Bitch.

22 FYRELIGHT'S PETITE FELUR , DN39640703 3/26/2014. Breeder: Emilee Haynes & Patricia Parker. By Eaglecrests Gone With The Wind -- CH Eaglecrest's Just Peachy. Emilee Haynes . Bitch.

24 IRON ROSE NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE , DN24797004 7/16/2013. Breeder: Elizabeth Rene Perry. and Tina Bauhs By GCH Hearthside's Standing Ovation -- Iron Rose Can't Touch This. Carol Morgan and Tina Bauhs . Bitch.
26 IRON ROSE ONCE UPON A TIME , DN29434402 11/5/2010. Breeder: Terri Morgan & Tracy Lee &. Selena Poplin By CH Stromridge He's All That -- CH Carolina's Iron Rose of Calais. Tracy Lee . Bitch. Michael McGuire, Agent.

28 NORTHWIND OF CHEYENNE FOR MT RANCH , DN36891602 6/22/2013. Breeder: Laurie Thompson. By GCH Whidbeys Moonlight Frost RA -- GCH Treestarr's Northwind Breeze. Yvonne Wolfe & Laurie Thompson . Bitch. A.J. Tavares III, Agent.

30 NAVARRO'S HART ROCK ANGEL , DN31844903 8/21/2011. Breeder: Erin True DVM. By CH Woodstock's Jesse James -- CH Navarro's Rock Candy CD HSAs. Erin True and Claire Allen . Bitch. Jean Gauchat-Hargis, Agent.

32 HEATHERHILL SHOW NO MERCY , DN36141301 12/4/2012. Breeder: Alan and Kathy McCorkle. By CH Heatherhill Mitey Fine Man -- Heatherhill Coral. Madelyn Ruble and Alan McCorkle . Bitch.

34 RAGTIME SWEETE THAN SUMMERS WINE , DN30255401 1/10/2011. Breeder: Vicki Ryke. and Summer Jewel Fuls By GCH Hearthside Nothin To Lose RN -- Surfrider Kasin A Splash Ragtime. Sonja and Ronald Bryant and Summer Jewel Fuls . Bitch. Megan Hoff, Agent.

36 SAMILYNS IN A MOMENT , DN32346602 11/28/2011. Breeder: Michelle Radloff. By GCH Bayouland's Eternal Glory -- Samilyns Kangaroo Court. Genevieve Glick and Michelle Radloff . Bitch.

23CH STONEPINE FUEL INJECTED , DN27654404 3/9/2010. Breeder: Nannette Newbury. By CH Heatherhill Dazzle Revival Man -- CH Stonepoine Sheer Silk. Robin Paboojian . Dog. Megan Hoff, Agent.

25GCH DANCIN' EYES 737 MIDNITE RIDE , DN24679901 2/13/2009. Breeder: owner. By CH Kantera's Heat of the Night -- Dancin' Eyes Marvel at Me NA NAJ NF. Jasa and Jason Hatcher . Dog. Moira Cornell, Agent.
27CH CROFTON JAMBALAYA , DN32443201 10/29/2011. Breeder: owner. and Mary Ferentino By GCH Copperridge's Fire N Bayouland -- CH Crofton Hopscotch. Linda Braun . Dog. Hayden Hadley, Agent.
31CH EAGLECREST'S CAPTURED MOMENT , DN33110701 2/23/2012. Breeder: Patricia Parker. and DiAnna L. Williams By GCH Legacy's Power Play -- Eaglecrest's Touch Of Magic. Patricia Parker . Dog.
33GCH WHITE OAKS ROLLING STONE, HSASD HIAS , DN28525901 7/2/2010. Breeder: Paula Lovett & Sharon Pollard. By Malpaso In the Nick of Time -- Medalions Sage Brush Annie. Arlette Baldwin . Dog.

38CH TRILOGY'S PUT IT IN WRITING , DN33261702 3/31/2012. Breeder: Michael and Krystal McGuire. By GCH Rainedance Written In Stone CD, PT, AX, AXJ -- CH Trilogy's Licensed To Chill. Michael and Krystal McGuire . Bitch.
40CH EAGLECREST'S EDGED IN LACE , DN33645604 4/25/2012. Breeder: Denise Sharp. By GCH Bayouland's Titan of Eaglecrest -- Eaglecrest Stormy Weather. Patricia Parker . Bitch. Julie Despot, Agent.
42CH SUNNRAINS IN IT TO WIN IT , DN35683904 8/26/2012. Breeder: Heather Moyer & Patti Herhold. By CH Snowbelts Winning Ticket -- CH Halfmoon Engraving. Heather Moyer & Patti Herhold . Bitch. A.J. Tavares III, Agent.
44GCH WIND SPIRIT RODS AMAZING GRACE , DN38463901 8/29/2011. Breeder: Carlos Osmar Bertero & Marcia. Berna Bertero By CH Bayshore Montrose Carv'd N Stone -- Wind Spirit Kanove Isabella. Marcia Berna Bertero and Megan Hof . Bitch.

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