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Black Mountain KC of Nevada


SETTERS (IRISH)Judge: Mr. Jay Richardson
5 EAGLESONG GOD'S WORD !!! , SR53100104 6/4/2008. Breeder: Owner. By EagleSong Amen !!! -- EagleSong Essence. Jane E Davison and Sandra K Van Lydegraf . Dog.

7 WINDROSE ON MY OWN , SR57913101 4/1/2009. Breeder: Carol & Jack Horner. By CH Ballymera' s Whisperin Secrets -- Wynrose Hush Money. John & Lesley Van Borssum . Dog. Memo Cavazos, Agent.

9 SUPERSTITION SKY'S THE LIMIT , SR76261302 12/1/2012. Breeder: Margaret Grippin and Penny Kruege. and Wade Krueger By CH Slaysett's Irish Celebrity -- GCH Superstition Belvedere Bound. Adam and Larami King . Dog.
11 RUAIRI'S LOVE ME TENDER , SR75250502 11/20/2012. Breeder: Ms. Amanda Evans & Jamie Clay. By CH Cairncross Ruairi's Jailhouse Rock -- CH Seafarer's Paper Gangsta. Amanda Evans . Dog.
SETTERS (IRISH) 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

6 GALEWINNS FIRE IN THE SKY , SR79867907 10/2/2013. Breeder: Pam Gale and ginny Swanson. By CH Kelfafre Just Stranded -- GCH Galewinns Tramore Unagaumery Glare. Mark and Diane Mendelsohn and Pam Gale . Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) American Bred Bitches.

8 STARDUST POLKA DOTS AND MOONBEAMS , SR74923105 10/27/2012. Breeder: Judith Bohannon, Natalie Gaylord. By CH Stardust Witchwynd KY Moon -- CH Sugarstop La Vida Dulce. Judith Bohannon . Bitch. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.
10 ROCLYN A LA CARTE , SR72035807 2/6/2012. Breeder: Cynthia Stanford. By Roclyn Mr Right -- CH Roclyn Last Call. Cynthia Twiss and Cynthia Stanford . Bitch. Laurie Pedreira, Agent.
SETTERS (IRISH) Open Bitches.
12 AVON FARM LADY LIBBY , SR69225302 6/6/2011. Breeder: Avon Farm and Leslie A Russell. By Avon Farm Louis Vitton -- Avon Farm The Good Witch Glenda. Thomas Novitski . Bitch.

14 RUAIRI'S BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S , SR77413603 4/10/2013. Breeder: Amanda Evans. By GCH Cairncross Concierge With Tuliane -- CH Waterdance Timeless Love N Joy. Laurie Darrel and Amanda Evans . Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) Best-of-Breed/Variety
15 CAIRNCROSS THE STING AT ONORA , SR77413609 4/10/2013. Breeder: Amanda Evans. By Cairncross concierge With Tulane -- Waterdance Timeless Love N Joy. Russell Gibson and Renette Berggren . Dog.
16CH MEADOW RUN WALK IN THE CLOUDS , SR63936702 6/11/2010. Breeder: owner. By CH Conamara Ride Like The Wind -- CH Devlin Jewel of Meadow Run. Anne M. Pellette . Bitch. Lynda O'Connor, Agent.
17CH CONAMARA SHOW ME THE RING , SR77247903 1/26/2013. Breeder: Kathy Grayson and Roger Kibbee. By Conamara Ride Like The Wind -- Conamara N Balcaire Sassafras. Kathy Carroll and Kathy Grayson and Roger Kibbe . Dog.
18CH SILVERMOON RHYTHM'S MAGIC , SR65008901 6/29/2010. Breeder: Leslie A Brochu. By CH Silvermoon Star of Jemini -- Silvermoon Tug On My Ear. Leslie Brochu . Bitch. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.
19GCH JADESTAR RIDE 'EM COWBOY , SR63320109 6/28/2010. Breeder: Janet Smith. By CH Pompei's Good & Plenty -- CH Courtwood Way Out West. Sean Crocker, DVM and Kathy Crocker . Dog. Loran Morgan, Agent.
21GCH CAIRNCROSS RUAIRI'S JAILHOUSE ROCK , SR58582903 9/9/2009. Breeder: Renette Berggren. By CH Cairncross Rhinestone Cowboy -- CH Cairncross Rumor Has It. Amanda Evans . Dog.
23CH CONAMARA IT'S ALL ABOUT ME , SR73221610 2/21/2012. Breeder: Kathy Grayson and Roger Kibbee. By CH Conamara Dancin' Eight Days A Week -- Meadow Run N Conamara Windwalker. Keith and Kathy Carroll . Dog.

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