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SETTERS (IRISH)Judge: Ms. Sharon R. Lyons
SETTERS (IRISH) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
5 CONAMARA SHOW ME THE RING , SR77247903 1/26/2013. Breeder: Kathy Grayson and Roger Kibbee. By Conamara Ride Like The Wind -- Conamara N Balcaire Sassafras. Kathy Carroll and Kathy Grayson and Roger Kibbe . Dog.
SETTERS (IRISH) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

7 STARDUST HOW HIGH THE MOON , SR74923102 10/27/2012. Breeder: Judith Bohannon, Natalie Gaylord. By CH Stardust Witchwynd KY Moon -- CH Sugarstop La Vida Dulce. Judith Bohannon . Dog. Julie Kay, Agent.
SETTERS (IRISH) American Bred Dogs.

11 SHINE-ON LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE , SR70974604 12/20/2011. Breeder: Gina Hemphill and Ray Atkinson. By GCH Pompei's Good and Plenty -- CH Just one look, UD,RN. Debra Dove . Dog. Kathy Grayson, Agent.

15 CAIRNCROSS CATCH ME IF YOU CAN , SR66794503 1/21/2011. Breeder: Nancy Kaib and Renette Berggren. By CH Chaselyn playuing By Hart -- CH Cairncross Just In Love. Mark and Laurie Pedreira and Renette Berggren . Dog.
19 GALEWINN'S IN IT TO WYNN IT , SR69973204 10/3/2011. Breeder: Rache O'Brien, Pam Gale, Shane. Stinn By CH Lurr's Rock Star CD BN SH -- Galewins Safe On First. Mark and Diane Mendelsohn . Dog.

21 CONAMARA IT'S ALL ABOUT ME , SR73221610 2/21/2012. Breeder: Kathy Grayson and Roger Kibbee. By CH Conamara Dancin' Eight Days A Week -- Meadow Run N Conamara Windwalker. Keith and Kathy Carroll . Dog. Kathy Grayson, Agent.

23 SILVERMOON TUG ON MY HEART JH , SR38076502 7/16/2006. Breeder: owner. By CH Saltaire All Hands On Deck -- CH Silvermoon Mighty Quinn JH. Leslie Brochu . Dog. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.
SETTERS (IRISH) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 RUAIRI'S BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S , SR77413603 4/10/2013. Breeder: Amanda Evans. By GCH Cairncross Concierge With Tuliane -- CH Waterdance Timeless Love N Joy. Laurie Darrel and Amanda Evans . Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

8 RUAIRI'S FLAMING STAR , SR75250504 11/20/2012. Breeder: owner. By CH Cairncross Ruairi's Jailhouse Rock -- CH Seafarer's Paper Gangsta. Amanda Evans . Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) American Bred Bitches.

12 ROCLYN A LA CARTE , SR72035807 2/6/2012. Breeder: Cynthia Stanford. By Roclyn Mr Right -- CH Roclyn Last Call. Cynthia Twiss and Cynthia Stanford . Bitch. Laurie Darrel, Agent.

14 WILLOWBROOK HOLIDAY RIBBONS N BOWS, JH,CGC , SR64587704 9/8/2010. Breeder: Bob & Brigitte Murphy. By CH Avon Farm Audie Murphy -- CH Lanascol Kiss Me Kate. Sharon and Ted Rehmeyer . Bitch. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.
16 RUAIRI'S BRONCOS SHARPE TONGUED TE , SR69680706 10/1/2011. Breeder: Amanda Evans. By Shelomith Vice Regent -- CH Waterdance Timeless Love N Joy. Amanda Evans . Bitch.
18 SHINE-ON HEY GOOD LOOKING , SR70974601 12/20/2011. Breeder: Gina Hemphill-Ray Atkinson. By GCH Pompei's Good and Plently -- CH Shine-on Just one Look UD,RN,NA,OAJ. Gina Hemphill and Ray Atkinson . Bitch.

20 CONEMARA I'M ALL THAT AT MEADOW RUN , SR73221607 2/21/2012. Breeder: K Grayson and R Kibbee. By CH Conamara Dancin Eight Daysa Week -- CH Meadow Run W Conamara Wind Walker. Anne Pellette and K Grayson and R Kibbee . Bitch. Lynda O'Connor-Schneider, Agent.
SETTERS (IRISH) Open Bitches.

24 RUSTICWOOD ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM , SR67639402 2/1/2011. Breeder: Carolyn Dison. By CH Vermilioni's Estate Tax -- CH Rusticwood Pennies From Heav'n. Lori and Lee Hoff and Carri Beaver and Carolyn Dison. Bitch.

26 MEADOW RUN WALK OF FAME , SR63936706 6/11/2010. Breeder: Anne Pellette. By CH Conamara Ride Like The Wind -- GCH Devlin's Jewel of Meadow Run. Marilyn Day . Bitch. Stephen Cabral, Agent.

30 RUAURU'S BRONCOS PLAY OF THE DAY , SR69680704 10/1/2011. Breeder: Amanda Evans. By Shelomith Vice Regent -- CH Waterdance Timeless Love N Joy. Mark and Laurie Pedreira and Amanda Evans . Bitch.
32 DEVLIN'S CALL GIRL AT MEADOW RUN , SR57116301 6/29/2009. Breeder: Mary Diesem. By CH Devlin's Shalom Jeremy -- CH Devlin's Blessing Of Shaina. Anne M. Pellette . Bitch.
SETTERS (IRISH) Best-of-Breed/Variety
17 LEGACY OF DEL REY , SR61687806 4/18/2010. Breeder: Jeff Bucher. By Thenderin Risky Business -- Thenderin Simple Pleasure. Jeff Bucher . Dog.
22 AVON FARM HI JINX , SR71332207 11/1/2011. Breeder: Leslie Russell and. Greg Browne By CH Eireannmada Fortuitous -- CH Avon Farm London Bells. John Hughes and Leslie Russell and Greg Browne. Bitch. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.

25CH ROCLYN SPECIAL RESERVE , SR49509204 5/12/2008. Breeder: Cynthia Stanford & Sandy Barrett. By CH Roclyn Somethin' Else -- CH Roclyn Somethin's Brewin JH. Jenny Sullivan . Dog.
27CH WINDROSE DRESSED TO KILL , SR72257101 3/17/2012. Breeder: Carol & Jack Horner. By Windrose On My Own -- CH Windrose I've Got A Secret. Carolyn & Annette Pearen & Carol Horner . Dog. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.
29GCH DANCIN' PRELUDE TO WINTER JH, SR49894501 5/10/2008. Breeder: Georgianne Carney & S. Menard. By CH Courtwood Packer Player -- CH Dancin Brown Eyed Girl. Sylvia Folts . Dog. Christopher Keith, Agent.
34GCH DONEGAN'S DARLING AT REDCLOUD, JH , SR54704702 11/28/2008. Breeder: Dawn Stafford. By CH Cairncross Justified -- CH Donegan's Desdemona. Laurie Darrel and Dawn Stafford . Bitch.

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