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Black Mountain KC of Nevada


SHIBA-INUJudge: Mrs. Vicki L. Abbott
SHIBA-INU American Bred Bitches.
6 ALSUM'S FAWKES BREW SABRINA , NP29130003 5/14/2011. Breeder: Lanore Fogleman. and Joan Morningstar By CH Morningstar Miyamoto Musashi -- Morningstar Flaming Red Fawkes. Lanore Fogleman . Bitch. Suzie Sadler, Agent.
SHIBA-INU Open Bitches.

8 GOLD STRIKE KINKAI GO , NP32770802 10/10/2012. Breeder: Hisae and Donald Dickey. By GCH Ito No Nishikou Go Chikuzen Shigematsusou -- GCH Ito No Chiyo Go Chikuzen Shigematsusous. Bonnie Yard and Hisae and Donald Dickey and TK Arnot. Bitch.
10 PACIFIC RIM TIBBS EDGE OF GLORY , NP30374502 10/31/2011. Breeder: Karl Thieme and Louise Thieme. and J Calder and C Calder By GCH Kishl's Mojo Desert Sun -- CH Pacific Rim Sugar Pi Honey Bunch. Louise Thieme and Alison Thieme and Nancy Gillespie and Michael Neville. Bitch. Maureen Kenton, Agent.

12 DAVEN'S MIDNIGHT MYSTIKA , NP18185802 5/27/2007. Breeder: Allen Varin. By Honshu Nami No Shuriki Daven -- CH Daven's Fukukitsuneichimyahime. Douglas Varin and Allen Varin and Alison Haynes . Bitch.

14 DAVEN'S KORUPTION'S COLD AS ICE IS , NP08753101 10/28/2004. Breeder: Allen Varin. By Honshu Nami No Shurki Daven -- CH Daven's Fukukitsuneichimyahime. Allen Varin and Allison Haynes . Bitch.
SHIBA-INU Best-of-Breed/Variety
5 KENTAKOMA GO KIRALIASOU , NP31416605 3/30/2012. Breeder: Owners. By CH Kurokoma Go Fuji Hachimansou -- GCH Kazakoshi No Komahime Go Yokohama Atsumi. Jere and Kimberly Quallio . Dog.
7CH KIRALIA'S RISING ABOVE THE MADNESS , NP31821202 5/17/2012. Breeder: Kimberly and Jere Quallio. By CH Kurokoma Go Fuji Hachimansou -- GCH Kiralia's Enter Into the Madness. Jere and Kimberly Quallio . Dog.
16CH MORNINGSTAR-GAYLORD NO KINSHU GO SHO MAI SOU , NP30441403 . Breeder: Joan Morningstar. By Morningstar Illio Iori Chousei Sou -- Morningstar5 Te'A Chousei Sou. Rex and Tanya Gaylord and Joan Morningstar . Bitch.

18GCH MORNINGSTAR'S WINGS OF AN ANGEL , NP28575203 10/25/2010. Breeder: Joan Morningstar, Lynette Blue. and Suzie Sadler By CH Kuro Kuma Go Fuji Hachimansou -- Puna Hauoli Shiba. Joan Morningstar and Lanore Foglema and Suzie Sadler. Bitch.

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