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South Bay Kennel Club


BOUVIERS DES FLANDRES 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.
5 LA CHANSON'S QUANTICO , DN50229006 5/21/2017. Breeder: Jim and Chan Kuhn Pilar Kuhn,. Rod Ott By GCH Obvious Sonic Boom -- GCH La Chanson's Martini Madness CGC. Beth and Barry Gumerove and Pilar Kuhn and Rod Ott. Dog. Lauren Hay-Lavitt, Agent.
BOUVIERS DES FLANDRES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.
6 DONLEE SONO GUCCI , DN51562502 10/4/2017. Breeder: R Donnelly & L Watson & S Olivera. & S Sprading By GCH Delux Jumpin' Jack Flash -- CH Donlee Coco Chanel. Reba Donnelly & L Watson & S Olivera & S Sprading. Bitch.
BOUVIERS DES FLANDRES 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

12 LA CHANSON'S QUIPS AND QUIBBLES , DN49359501 3/24/2017. Breeder: Pilar Kuhn and. Rod Ott By CH Terra-Nevada's For Your Eyes Only -- GCH La Chanson's Mystify Me CGC. La Kimba Bradsbery and Kenneth Brevig and Pilar Kuhn and Rod Ott. Bitch.
BOUVIERS DES FLANDRES Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
8 LA CHANSON'S PINK MARTINI , DN47744101 10/25/2016. Breeder: Jim & Chan Kuhn and Pilar Kuhn. & Rod Ott By JBB's back To the Future -- GCH La Chanson's Martini Madness CGC. Pilar Kuhn and Rod Ott . Bitch.
BOUVIERS DES FLANDRES American Bred Bitches.

10 TERRA'S LAND OF PRIDES QUIGGLY HOT STONE RIZPAH , DN50240606 6/10/2017. Breeder: Terry Burian-Creel. By CH La Chandon's Mariachi At Terra -- CH Avion Terra's Malificent. Angelina A. Long . Bitch.

7GCH JBB'S TURN THE TABLES , DN34528702 5/29/2012. Breeder: Patte Klecan, Yvonne Savard,. Ray Waterman By GCH Rocheuses Me and My Shadow of Cornus -- CH Bedrock Cajun Classic of Barbu. Patte Klecan and Ray Waterman . Dog. Larry Fenner, Agent.
9CH LAND OF PRIDE'S COMAND , DN44756904 12/23/2015. Breeder: Terry Creel & Michelle Jacobson. By CH Rogyue's Frontier Sundance CGCA -- Terra's First Lady V Flandres Farm. Angelina A. Long . Dog.
14CH LA CHANSON'S OBJECT OF DESIRE CGC , DN44369301 11/4/2015. Breeder: Pilar Kuhn and Rod Ott. By GCH Ralind Katcher De La Salsa -- GCH La Chanson's Mystify Me CGC. Carol and Tim McElheney & Pilar Kuhn & Rod Ott . Bitch.
16CH DONLEE J'ADORE DIOR , DN51562503 10/4/2017. Breeder: R Donnelly, L Watson,. S Olivera, S Spradling By GCHG Delux Jumpin' Jack Flash CGC -- CH Donlee Coco Chanel. Judy Edick and Susie Olivera . Bitch.

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