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Southern California Sporting D.F.


BRITTANYSJudge: Dr. Klaus Anselm
5 K NINE'S RAMBUNCTIOUS HUNTER , SR95950102 9/21/2016. Breeder: Linda McDonald & Arlette T. Hennessey By AFC CH Loki's Blizzard of Mischief -- K Nine's Talk Todah Paw. David H Ford & Linda McDonald . Dog.
7 OLD RIVER TEARIN' IT UP , SR89452612 8/12/2015. Breeder: Kyle and Nicole Graves. By Old Hunter Dan -- Little Athena Ann. Jackie and Mark Chrisp . Dog. Elizabeth Jordan-Nelson, Agent.
BRITTANYS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

8 ORY'S RODEO PRINCESS ROCKS CYNISTER , SR95059903 9/8/2016. Breeder: Joy and Tim and Michelle Ory. By GCH DC Ory's Marshall Dillion SH -- GCH Copley's All Fun N Games. Ryan and Cathie Magoon . Bitch.

10 CIMMARON'S CROWN ROYAL JUBILEE , SR94701202 7/28/2016. Breeder: Christine Ward-Weber. By CH Ridona-Kobrae's Radio Flyer CD RE JH -- GCH Cimmaron's Bourbon Street CharLee. Joanna Hunt . Bitch.
12 RIVER RUN NOBODY DOEE IT BETTER , SR94206706 7/20/2016. Breeder: Gail Easter and Terry Courtright. By GCHS Marsport Hot To Ride Lucky Seven MH -- GCH Kinwashkly Do U Believen Magic SH. Jackie and Mark Chrisp . Bitch. Elizabeth Jordan-Nelson, Agent.
BRITTANYS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

20 WHISPER RIDGE REGAN'S MAKIN' A MEMORY , SR93945601 5/19/2016. Breeder: Sue Richards and Pam Askew. By CH Whisper Ridge Buckshot Bodie -- CH Whisper Ridge Wrightwood's Sage. Don and Pam Askew and Sue Richards . Bitch.
BRITTANYS American Bred Bitches.

22 K NINE'S DESERT EAGLE , SR90787504 12/16/2015. Breeder: Arlette Hennessey. By CH K Nine's Blazin Dreams JH -- K Nine's Coyote Ugly. Manuel Garcia . Bitch. Linda McDonald, Agent.
BRITTANYS Open Bitches.

24 K NINE'S PAWS FOR MISCHIEF , SR89787402 9/16/2015. Breeder: Linda McDonald. & Arlette T Hennessey By CH AFC Loki's Blizzard of Mischief -- K Nine's Talj Todah Paw. Linda McDonald & Katelyn Ford . Bitch.
26 K NINE'S WE HAVE A SITUATION , SR90787501 12/16/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH K Nine's Blazin Dreams -- K Nine's Coyote Ugly. Arlette Hennessey . Bitch. Linda McDonald, Agent.
28 WHISPER RIDGE BREAK OUT THE BUBBLY , SR91387709 1/1/2016. Breeder: Sue Richards. and Joy Ory By GCH DC Ory's Marshall Dillon SH -- GCH Granmars One Rough Diamond JH. Eric VonHerzen and Sue Richards . Bitch. Sue Richards, Agent.

30 DREAM HI AIM AND IGNITE , SR88806603 6/3/2015. Breeder: Rosseen Oxman. By GCH Mich's Mt Ready Aim Fire -- GCH Castle's Diamond In The Rough. Courtney Granger & Kristina Rickard . Bitch.

32 FRC ZIP'S COUNT ME IN , SR70075203 10/14/2011. Breeder: Patti Van De Coevering. By Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid -- Zippity-Do-Dot. Patti Van De Coevering,DVM . Bitch.
BRITTANYS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran 7 years and under 10 Dogs.
11GCHS PREMIER'S ALL ABOUT AVATAR , SR64272906 8/11/2010. Breeder: Kristine Rickard, Lori Rickard. and David C Peek, Josep By GCH Mich's Mt Ready Aim Fire -- GCH Castle's Sleeping Beauty Zoei. John and Nancy Reardon . Dog. Kathy Grayson, Agent.
BRITTANYS Best-of-Breed/Variety
15CH BRITTANY'S RAMBLIN' THE KING OF ROCK'N'ROLL , SR87917205 4/16/2015. Breeder: Jenelle L Larson, Nancy Y Larson. and Karen Schoppa By CH Brittany's Ramblin' Roadhouse -- GCH Britt's Ramblin' The Perfect Cut. Jenelle Larson and Karen Schoppa . Dog. Michelle Paulin, Agent.
16CH RIVER RUN SHAKE A TAIL FEATHER JH, SR94206701 7/20/2016. Breeder: Gail Easter and Terry Courtright. By GCH Marsport Hot to Ride Lucky Seven -- GCH Kinwashkly Do U Believen Magic. Gail Easter and Joel Dannewitz . Bitch.
17GCHP DREAM HI'S DON'T HATE THE PLAYER HATE THE GAME , SR69396203 9/6/2011. Breeder: Joseph Ramondetta. By GCH Mich's Mt Ready Aim Fire -- GCH Castle's Sleeping Beauty Zoei. Tom and Lori Rickard . Dog. Kristina Rickard, Agent.
19CH WHISPER RIDGE BOTTOMS UP , SR91387708 1/1/2016. Breeder: Sue Richards. and Joy Ory By GCH DC Ory's Marshall Dillon SH -- GCH Granmars One Rough Diamond JH. Dan Methe and Sue Richards and Chloe Methe and Bradley Methe. Dog.

21CH TRIUMPHANT'S FLYING CIRCUS , SR89734412 7/14/2015. Breeder: Linda R McCartney-Roy. & Kristyn McCartney By GCH Triumphant's Chances Are -- GCH Triumphant's Centerfold. Dr. Jacquline Nicol and Prof. Paul Jessen . Dog.

23GCHS HOPE'S EXCEEDING THE SPEED LIMIT UD , SR74550402 8/24/2012. Breeder: Douglas and Kim Tighe. By GCH Tonan-Hope's R U Kiddin' Me -- CH Triumphant's More Than A Memory. Nancy Hewitt and Douglas Tighe . Dog. Valerie Nunes, Agent.
36GCHG WINDFALLS I PUT U UNDER MY LUV SPELL , SR82359307 3/26/2014. Breeder: Carla L. Cavaco. By CH Kiana's Windfall All Fired Up -- Windfall's In D'Nic of Time. Jacqui Campbell . Bitch.
38GCHG ORY'S CATCH ME IF YOU CAN , SR85621201 12/13/2014. Breeder: Joy Ory. By GCH DC Ory's Marshal Dillon SH -- CH Copley's Casino Royale. Joy and Timothy J Ory . Bitch. Kellie Miller, Agent.
40GCH CALIAH'S LOTUS BLOSSOM FALLS JHA , SR84066713 8/15/2014. Breeder: Mary Brown and Shellie Sytsma. By DCH Copley's Red River -- CH Shiloh's Babbling Brook. David Webb and Shellie Sytsma, Robyn Maynard . Bitch. Katelyn Ford, Agent.

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