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Judging Program

  • List of Judges
  • Judging Program
  • Additional Information & Notices
  • Judging Schedule

  • List of Judges

    Mr. Jean-Louise Blais2515 Rt 269, St Gilles, QC
    Canada G0S 2P0
    Mr. David Bolus7118 Wolftever Landing Drive
    Harrison, TN 37341
    Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus7118 Wolftever Landing Drive
    Harrison, TN 37341
    Ms. Madeleine Charest2515 Rt 269, St Gilles QC
    Canada G0S 2P0
    Mr. Peter Gaeta1049 Lowes Lane
    Iron Station, NC 28080
    Ms. Lauren Hay-Lavitt6171 Choctaw Dr
    Westminster, CA 92683
    Ms. Cheryl L. Shaw8664 Sunbury Place
    Delta, BC
    Canada V4C 3Y7
    Dr. Cynthia A. Skiba372 Chip Road
    Auburn, MI 48611
    Mr. John P. Wade4173 Laird Road
    Loomis, CA 95650
    Ms. Lee Whittier18720 SE 23rd Street
    Vancouver, WA 98683

    Judging Program

    Ring No 18
    Judge: Mr. Jean-Louise Blais
    8:30 AM 
     5Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 1-1-(3-0)
     1Field Spaniel 0-0-(1-0)
     5Clumber Spaniel 3-0-(2-0)
    9:00 AM 
     33German Shorthaired Pointer 13-10-(7-3)
    10:15 AM 
     73Labrador Retriever 26-32-(12-3)
    1:00 PM 
    1:45 PM 
     16Flat-Coated Retriever 2-5-(7-2)
     10Chesapeake Bay Retriever 2-5-(2-1)
    2:45 PM 
     15Welsh Springer Spaniel 2-6-1VD-(4-2)
     20English Cocker Spaniel 8-8-(1-3)
    Ring No 19
    Judge: Mr. Peter Gaeta
    8:30 AM 
     43English Setter 12-18-16D-(7-5)
    10:15 AM 
     54Irish Setter 14-24-36B-(8-4)
    12:30 PM 
    1:15 PM 
     19Gordon Setter 5-6-(5-2)
    2:00 PM 
     34Vizsla 9-9-(9-6)
    3:20 PM 
     25Weimaraner 7-10-(4-2)
     1Wirehaired Vizsla 0-1
    Ring No 20
    Judge: Ms. Cheryl L. Shaw
    8:00 AM 
     6German Wirehaired Pointer 2-1-(2-1)
     2Irish Water Spaniel 0-0-(0-2)
    Ring No 20
    Judge: Mr. David Bolus
    8:30 AM 
     12German Shorthaired Pointer Sweepstakes 7-5
     1Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Sweepstakes 0-1
     4Brittany Sweepstakes 4-0
    Ring No 20
    Judge: Ms. Cheryl L. Shaw
    9:15 AM 
     3Wirehaired Pointing Griffon 0-2-(0-1)
     17Brittany 7-3-(3-3)
    10:00 AM 
     8Irish Red & White Setters 2-1-(2-2)
     79Golden Retriever 29-30-(10-5)-2SD
    1:10 PM 
    1:55 PM 
     39English Springer Spaniel 13-12-46D-(7-3)
     23Pointer 8-7-(3-4)
    Ring No 21
    Judge: Ms. Madeleine Charest
    8:00 AM 
     23Labrador Retriever Sweepstakes 11-12
    Ring No 21
    Judge: Dr. Cynthia A. Skiba
    9:00 AM 
     15Golden Retrievers Sweepstakes 7-8
    9:45 AM 
     2Flat-Coated Retriever Sweepstakes 1-1
    9:50 AM 
     3Chesapeake Bay Retriever Sweepstakes 1-2
    Ring No 21
    Judge: Mr. David Bolus
    11:45 AM 
     13Vizsla Sweepstakes 7-6
     4Weimaraners Sweepstakes 2-2
     7Pointers Sweepstakes 3-4
    Ring No 21
    Judge: Mr. John P. Wade
    1:00 PM 
     2Welsh Springer Spaniel Sweepstakes 0-2
    1:10 PM 
     5English Springer Spaniel Sweepstakes 4-1
    1:30 PM 
     5English Cocker Spaniel Sweepstakes 2-3
     2Spaniel (Cocker) Parti Sweepstakes 1-1
    Ring No 21
    Judge: Ms. Lauren Hay-Lavitt
    2:30 PM 
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
    Ring No 21
    Judge: Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus
    3:30 PM 
     3Cocker Spaniel (Black) 1-1-(1-0)
     1Cocker Spaniel (Ascob) 0-0-(1-0)
     4Cocker Spaniel (Parti-Color) 1-1-(1-1)
     5Sussex Spaniel 0-2-(3-0)
    Ring No 22
    Judge: Ms. Lee Whittier
    8:00 AM 
     13English Setter Sweepstakes 5-8
    8:30 AM 
     15Irish Setter Sweepstakes 6-9
    8:50 AM 
     1Gordon Setter Sweepstakes 1-0
    8:55 AM 
     2Irish Red & White Setters Sweepstakes 2-0

    Additional Information & Notices
    Dr. Skiba will judge the following sweepstakes (Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Flat Coated Retriever, and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) in place of Mrs. Nowak.
    Mrs. Whittier will judge the following sweepstakes (English Setter, Gordon Setter, Irish Setter and Irish Red & White Setter) in place of Mrs. Nowak.
    Under Chapter 7, Section 13 under American Kennel Club rules, the following judge changes are being made. The owner of each dog affected has the right to withdraw his entry and have his entry fee refunded provided notification of his withdrawal is received by the Superintendent no later than one-half hour prior to the scheduled start of any regular conformation judging at the show. Ms. Shaw will judge German Wirehaired Pointers, English Springer Spaniels and Irish Water Spaniels in place of Mr. Blais.
    Mrs. Bolus will judge Black Cocker Spaniels, ASCOB Cocker Spaniels, Parti-Colored Cocker Spaniels, and Sussex Spaniels in place of Mr. Blais.
    Ms. Shaw will judge Pointers in place of Mr. Gaeta.
    Mr. Blais will judge Bred byGroup in Ring 18 at 3:45 p.m. Following, Ms. Shaw will judge will judge the Sweepstakes Group. Following, Mrs. Bolus will judge the Variety Group.

    Judging Schedule

    Please Note: This Schedule is for the convenience of exhibitors and spectators. If a discrepancy exists between these times and/or ring numbers, and those listed under the ring number in the body of the program, follow the latter.

    Brittany179:15 AM20
    Brittany Sweepstakes48:30 AM20
    Chesapeake Bay Retriever101:45 PM18
    Chesapeake Bay Retriever Sweepstakes39:50 AM21
    Clumber Spaniel58:30 AM18
    Cocker Spaniel (Ascob)13:30 PM21
    Cocker Spaniel (Black)33:30 PM21
    Cocker Spaniel (Parti-Color)43:30 PM21
    English Cocker Spaniel202:45 PM18
    English Cocker Spaniel Sweepstakes51:30 PM21
    English Setter438:30 AM19
    English Setter Sweepstakes138:00 AM22
    English Springer Spaniel391:55 PM20
    English Springer Spaniel Sweepstakes51:10 PM21
    Field Spaniel18:30 AM18
    Flat-Coated Retriever161:45 PM18
    Flat-Coated Retriever Sweepstakes29:45 AM21
    German Shorthaired Pointer339:00 AM18
    German Shorthaired Pointer Sweepstakes128:30 AM20
    German Wirehaired Pointer68:00 AM20
    Golden Retriever7910:00 AM20
    Golden Retrievers Sweepstakes159:00 AM21
    Gordon Setter191:15 PM19
    Gordon Setter Sweepstakes18:50 AM22
    Irish Setter5410:15 AM19
    Irish Setter Sweepstakes158:30 AM22
    Irish Red & White Setters810:00 AM20
    Irish Red & White Setters Sweepstakes28:55 AM22
    Irish Water Spaniel28:00 AM20
    Labrador Retriever7310:15 AM18
    Labrador Retriever Sweepstakes238:00 AM21
    Novice Intermediate Class12:30 PM21
    Open Intermediate Class22:30 PM21
    Open Senior Class42:30 PM21
    Pointer231:55 PM20
    Pointers Sweepstakes711:45 AM21
    Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)58:30 AM18
    Spaniel (Cocker) Parti Sweepstakes21:30 PM21
    Sussex Spaniel53:30 PM21
    Vizsla342:00 PM19
    Vizsla Sweepstakes1311:45 AM21
    Weimaraner253:20 PM19
    Weimaraners Sweepstakes411:45 AM21
    Welsh Springer Spaniel152:45 PM18
    Welsh Springer Spaniel Sweepstakes21:00 PM21
    Wirehaired Pointing Griffon39:15 AM20
    Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Sweepstakes18:30 AM20
    Wirehaired Vizsla13:20 PM19

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