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San Fernando Kennel Club


SIBERIAN HUSKIESJudge: Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira
SIBERIAN HUSKIES 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.
5 KARAMAD SUMIRO CRUZ'N TO HELMCREST , WS48882601 9/14/2014. Breeder: Sherri Del Pozo, Nancy Sumida. and Marcy Lew By CH Snowfire's Scenic Cruise -- Karamudsumiro For Zintimental Reasons. Sherri DelPozo and Diana and Gary Butts and Nancy Sumida. Dog.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

7 NASHOBA'S TELL-TAIL HEART , WS48268001 8/10/2014. Breeder: Joseph Alarcon. By GCH Brite Stars Fully Loaded -- Echo Call's Spirit of Maia. Evan McDermott & Joseph Alarcon . Dog.
9 NASHOBA'S FIRE & ICE , WS48268002 8/10/2014. Breeder: Joseph Alarcon. By GCH Brite Stars Fully Loaded -- Echo Call's Spirit of Maia. Rosa Alarcon & Joseph Alarcon . Dog.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.
6 HELMCREST'S TUSCANY SYRAH , WS48383301 9/2/2014. Breeder: Diane Butts, Kappy Zahn, Lori. Brown and Julie Lawter By GCH Sagebrush's Red Wine and Blue -- CH Tundra Mystic's Blue Print. Diana and Gary Butts . Bitch. Stephen Cabral, Agent.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
8 KARAMADS AND POKU'S DIAMOND KEEPSAKE , WS42816003 9/30/2012. Breeder: Andrea Phillips and Sherri L Del. Pozo and Nancy Sumida By CH Snowfire's Scenic Cruise -- Poku's Diamond From The Sky. Sherri L DelPozo and Nancy Sumida and Andrea Phillips. Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Dogs.

15CH SNOWFIRE'S SCENIC CRUISE , WS22152906 3/8/2007. Breeder: Linda & Mindy Lehman. By CH Snowfire's All The Right Moves -- CH Snowfire's Goodness Gracious. Mindy & Linda Lehman . Dog.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Best-of-Breed/Variety
10CH LIVEWIRES ABSOLUT APEACH , WS49208703 10/8/2014. Breeder: M.Rusher & B. House & L. House. & R. McQueen By CH Livewires Chemical Romance@ Britestar -- GCH Britestar Grey Goose of Umunhum. Joseph Alarcon & Lauren House . Bitch. Loran Morgan, Agent.
11 WHITESSUNDAY LA CINQUETTE , WS48862801 1/24/2014. Breeder: Owner. By GCH Snowmist's Quicksilver Speigas -- White Sunday's Like it Ratche. Ryu Sungken . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
17CH BRITESTARS GOLDEN DESIGN @ UMUNHUM THD\ CGC , WS46776806 4/4/2014. Breeder: Randee McQueen & Barbara House. By GCH Kailas Quinn Of Umunhum THDX, CGC -- GCH Britestars Color By Design. Randee McQueen and Barbara House . Dog.

19GCH ALNISAR'S CALIFORNIA DREAMING , WS45731501 12/10/2013. Breeder: John and Yelena Rosenbaum. By GCH Alnisar's California Gold Rush -- GCH Alnisar's Princessa Anastacia. John and Yelena Rosenbaum . Dog.
21GCH POLI'S TEMPO PRINCIPALE , WS37122903 1/17/2011. Breeder: Brenda Richardson and. Marie Falconer and Frank Polimeni By GCH Poli's ForgetAboutIt -- CH Nando's-Mylas On A Winters Eve. Mark and Christine Pesche . Dog.
23GCH SAGEBRUSH'S RED WINE & BLUE, CGC , WS39264902 11/11/2011. Breeder: Sherri L Del Pozo and Bonnie. Finelli, Marcy Lew & Nanc By CH Paragon's Every Now & Zin -- CH Sagebrush's Blue Point. Bonnie Finelli and Diana Buts, Nancy Sumida and Sherri Del Pozo. Dog. Stephen Cabral, Agent.
25GCH TRILLIUM BLUE FIRESKY KEMBA WALKIN , WS37543303 4/26/2011. Breeder: Liz De Martino, Diane Spendle,. Robin Nethercut By CH Huskavarna's Four on the Floor -- Huskavarna's Groovy Baby. Karen Davis & Liz DeMartino & Kelly Riney . Dog.
27GCH PARAGON'S EVERY NOW AND ZIN , WS35786802 7/15/2010. Breeder: Terri Erickson. By CH Kontoki's Isaiah Little Prayer For You -- CH Paragon's Red Red Wine. Nancy Sumida and Sherri L DelPozo and Terri Erickson. Dog.

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