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Havanese Club of So Cal, Inc.


HAVANESEJudge: Dr. Adam Stafford King
HAVANESE Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
5 OHANA ABOUT LAST NIGHT , TS35304802 8/6/2017. Breeder: Lisa Estrada. By CH Peluito's Smokin In The Body's Room -- GCH Ohana Kisses N'The Moonlite. Amanda Beaini & Lisa Estrada . Dog.
HAVANESE 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

7 LOS ARRIBA MAESTRO , TS32852501 10/6/2016. Breeder: Charlotte Ventura. and Peter Ventura By Pillowtalk's Color Me Love -- Los Arriba Some Like It Hot. Kathleen Elizabeth Mattox . Dog.
HAVANESE Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
9 HAVANSILK OUT OF THE BLUE , TS35262801 1/31/2017. Breeder: owner. By CH Lil Pawz N Havanasilk Hot fun On The Run -- CH Havanasilk's One Singular Sensation. Robin Madrigal-Mosher . Dog.

11 MARIEL'S EL OSITO BLANCO , TS33729503 1/23/2017. Breeder: Owner. By GCH Wincroft's American Hero -- CH Los Arriba's Mystique de Mariel. Carolyn Feyka . Dog. Pam Laperruque, Agent.
HAVANESE Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.
6 AMOR OHANNA SKY FULL OF STARS , TS34593603 6/16/2017. Breeder: Mary Lopez and Sheryl Roach. and Shannon Stone By Amor's Don't Belive Me.. Just Watch -- CH Amor's Solamia. Lisa Estrada . Bitch.

8 CHARBAR'S COME AWAY WITH ME , TS35601602 8/11/2017. Breeder: Donna Barkdoll. and Barbara Vann By Charbar's It's All That -- Charbar's Double Delight. Barbara Lombard and Toni Doyle . Bitch. Tabitha Teutsch, Agent.
10 OESTE'S STAR OF THE SHOW , TS34870804 6/6/2017. Breeder: Julie Vogel. By CH Oeste's Outlaw Of San Juan -- CH Oeste's She Like To Move It. Marjorie McNabb and Julie Vogel and Rafe H. Schindler, Mary King. Bitch. Bill McFadden, Agent.

12 KOKOMO WISHIN STAR , TS34684101 6/15/2017. Breeder: Karen Ku. By CH Yaya's We Didn't Start The Fire -- CH Kokomo Starring Abby. Karen Ku . Bitch.
HAVANESE Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

14 HAVANASILK SPICY CHOCOLATE MAYA , TS23871201 7/8/2014. Breeder: Robin Madrigal-Mosher and. James Mosher By CH Havtahava Ghiradelli Citrus Sunset CD -- CH Havanasilk Sweet chocolate Moonshine. Robin Madrigal-Mosher . Bitch.
HAVANESE Open Bitches.

16 KARMA'S PRECIOUS TOPAZ , TS31637201 7/9/2016. Breeder: Debbie Fielden. By CH Karma's Roll About the Rings of Saturn -- Karma's Chocoholic Delight. Candy Rizkowsky . Bitch.
HAVANESE Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Bitches.

18CH WYNMARK'S FIRST ACT-CARMEN , TR63042501 1/22/2007. Breeder: Owners. By CH Los Perritos Wee Pantaloons -- CH Gingerbred Starkette Sprite. Fredith & Stan Holt . Bitch.
HAVANESE Best-of-Breed/Variety
17GCH BELLVUE'S ZACK ATTACK , TS28694202 11/2/2015. Breeder: Jody Greenberg. and Mary Lopez By CH Prairiwind's Ticket To Ride At Bellvue -- CH Amor's A New Day Has Come At Bellvue. Jody Greenberg . Dog. Pam Laperruque, Agent.
19GCH KOLMAR'S STEELER OF HEARTS , TS31987501 11/1/2016. Breeder: Mark W Kolbe. By GCHB Angelheart's The Steel Curtain at Los Feliz -- CH Kolmar's Well Hello Gorgeous. Carol and Bob Hewlett and Stanley and Fredith Holt . Dog. Susie Olivera, Agent.
20CH DEARHEART N DAYSEZ FAVORITE JELLIE BEAN , TS31106902 7/17/2016. Breeder: Deirdre Harb & Charlene. Stoutsenberger By GCH Windcroft's American Hero -- CH Beseme's 2 Cute 4 Words @ Dearheart. Patricia Day & Richard Atkerson & Deirdre Harb . Bitch.

21CH DEARHEART'S JONNY B GOODE , TS30181503 4/24/2016. Breeder: owner. By CH Peluito's Smokin In The Boy's Room -- GCH Wynmark's Prde andJoy del Paraiso. Deirdre Harb . Dog.
22GCH BELLATAK SWING TIME , TS25865001 5/12/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Bellatak DcDreamy -- CH Bellatak My Kind of Girl. Kathy Patrick and Carole Pellegrino and Judy Ness. Bitch. David Murray, Agent.
23CH OHANA ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE , TS29364501 3/1/2016. Breeder: Lisa Estrada. By CH Peluito's Smokin In The Boy's Room -- GCH Ohana Kisses N' The Moonlite. Amanda Beaini & Lisa Estrada . Dog.
25CH LOS ARRIBA PAINT THE TOWN RED , TS32498102 10/4/2016. Breeder: Charlotte Ventura. By Pillowtalk's Color Me Love -- Pillowtalk's Ach Luise. Kathleen Elizabeth Mattox . Dog.

27CH OESTE'S IN THE NAME OF LOVE , TS31159701 7/23/2016. Breeder: Mary E King & Rafe H Schindler. and Julie Vogel & Taffe McFadden By CH Oeste's Top Gun -- GCH Oeste's Stealing The Starlight. Mary King & Rafe H. Schindler & Julie Vogel & Taffe McFadden. Dog. Bill McFadden, Agent.

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